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Best cheese slices 2020 | TechnoBuffalo

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This adjustable cutter has a robust and robust stainless steel wire. The body is made of cast zinc alloy, which makes it perfect for heavy tasks and is super beautiful to start. It quickly gives you any cheese size, ranging from waffle-thin to 0.25-inch-thick slices, from cheese blocks measuring 3.5 inches wide. And the icing on the cake, the disc comes with a replacement cutting thread.

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This cutter is spurred on by 150 watts with fast and incredible cutting power that guarantees even sharp cutting. Next to cheese, you may want to cut other foods such as meat, vegetables or bread. This is the only disc you need. It has an impressive range of removable parts, including food trolley, food pusher, blade and slide bar extension, making sanitation and cleaning an easy affair.

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This disc is solid when they come. With its coated aluminum frame and a tight stainless steel wire cutter, you will easily skim through typical soft and semi-hard cheeses. Even better, it includes a tension wheel that easily enables thread tightening or replacement. The firm and strong handle also gives you a comfortable grip when using the cutter.

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This Chef’n Slicester dial gives you the freedom to choose from three exceptional thickness settings. With a blunt stainless steel blade, Slicester is ideal for semi-soft cheese blocks. Also, the dull blade is safe for children trying to get the perfect slice of cheese for burgers or sandwiches.

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Supported by a renowned kitchen equipment brand, this uncomplicated cheese slicer is super light and elegant. The entire construction is stainless steel with a nice handle for stability. A hollow slice on the inside helps you slide through hard and semi-hard cheese. When you are done, throw it in the dishwasher and prepare it for the next dish.

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Cast of zinc alloy, this cutter has a lot of strength. And the adjustable stainless steel cutter makes it possible to make discs with perfect thickness. For paper-thin or thick slices, look no further than the delicious Fox Sl Brands cheese slicer. It can handle blocks of cheese up to 3.5 inches without sweating! The cutter also has a stainless steel replacement, and it is only hand washable for excellent results.

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