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Best coloring book for adults 2020

Hero Adult Coloring BooksSource: Blue Star Press

Adult coloring book

There is nothing like a good coloring to clear your mind and relieve stress. If you have not tried it since adulthood, you will want to buy one of the books on this list and give it a try the next time you feel overwhelmed or overwhelmed. When it comes to choosing the right coloring book, our choice will be the Animal Designs book because the wildly inspired illustrations are gorgeous when they are all filled with color. Here we have listed the best coloring books for adults that money can buy, as well as some of the pros and cons of each to help you make this important decision.

Best overall: Adult coloring book: animal design

Animal Designs Hero

Source: Blue Star Press

Animal lovers are looking forward to it! These detailed illustrations of our favorite animals, scaled and feathered animals will keep you coloring for hours. Since the patterns on the pictures are so intricate, it is time consuming to color them, but the end result is extraordinary. There is no end to the colorful ways you can bring these animals to life. However, you may want to add an extra sheet of paper between illustrations as you color. The sides are quite thin and can bleed through.


  • Beautiful animal illustrations
  • Detailed images give great colorful patterns when you are done
  • Metallic accents on the animals provide an eye-catching combination of colors


  • Time consuming
  • Some buyers complain that the paper is too thin

Best overall

Adult coloring book: Animal design

Color the wild side

This highly detailed coloring book offers beautiful animal illustrations that will appeal to animal lovers of all ages.

Best value: Adult coloring book: design

Designs Hero

Source: Pxhere

You can not beat the price of this simple, but fulfill the coloring book. The designs book is full of eye-catching mandalas and geometric shapes that turn into beautiful works of art when you use color. The designs are intricate and detailed, but the print quality is not the best. For the price, however, this is a great coloring book for adults.


  • Very cheap!
  • Attractive mandalas and geometric shapes
  • Over 48 unique designs


  • Lower quality printing
  • Thin paper

Best value

Adult coloring book: design

Satisfactory cheap

Get the color with this cheap book with 48 simple – yet intricate – designs such as mandalas and geometric shapes.

Best vibes: Good Vibes Coloring Book

If you love positive affirmations and uplifting messages, this is the coloring book for you. Each page represents a unique message that will surely cheer you up and fill you with positive energy. After coloring your favorite messages, you can actually take them out and hang them in your room as a daily reminder of positivity. This is not the most challenging coloring book for adults, but it is perfect for a beginner or teenager.


  • Positive, uplifting messages
  • High quality thick paper
  • Perforated sides for easy removal


  • Illustrations are not very challenging to color
  • Simple designs may be better suited for older children or teens

Best vibes

Good Vibes Coloring Book

Dose with happy

Be happy here! Good Vibes is filled with just that – positive, uplifting messages just waiting for you to use the color.

Best for literature buffers: Classic coloring: Jane Austen

Jane Austin Hero

Source: Abrams Books

Romantic literature lovers will get a kick out of this niche coloring book that consists of scenes from Jane Austen’s books. Although the illustrations are not the very detailed, intricate works you would see in any other adult coloring book, the drawings are attractive and subtle, much like the novels they quote from. With thick, perforated paper and a Jane Austen excerpt on each side, the quality and sophistication of this colorway is perfect.


  • Each page is taken straight from a Jane Austen novel!
  • Pretty, tasteful illustrations
  • High quality thick paper


  • Expensive
  • Just illustrations are not very challenging

Best for literature buffs

Classic coloring: Jane Austen

A literary adventure

Bookworms and romantics will enjoy coloring scenes and quotes from Jane Austen’s most famous written works.

Best return: The Splat: Coloring 90s

Splat hero

Source: The Curiously Creative

Hi 90s kids, here are the coloring books you never knew you needed. Do you remember Tommy Pickles, Doug and Ren & Stimpy? Well, they’re back! Now you can color in your favorite characters from all the Nickelodeon shows from the 1990s we knew and loved.


  • Nostalgic for 90s kids!
  • Good paper does not leak to the next page
  • Funny quotes from our favorite 90’s show


  • Pages can be easily pulled out when colored
  • It is not the most affordable option

Best setback

The Splat: Coloring 90s

90s return

Relive your favorite 90’s Nickelodeon TV show with this detailed coloring book, full of our favorite Nicktoons characters.

The bottom line

Whether you are just starting out or consider yourself a colorist, there is a coloring book on this list for you. You will consider your own line of interest as well as your skill level before making a decision. For example, if you are an expert artist with the best in gel pens, you may want to consider a very detailed book with extra thick paper, while beginners with colored pencils prefer a simpler coloring book.

Our overall favorite is Animal Design’s coloring book. When it comes to the sheer beauty and variety of illustrations, this book has the most to offer. Each detailed drawing is a work of art, and the animals are depicted in a creative and beautiful way. This book is also detailed enough to challenge even experienced artists. Take a look at each choice before deciding which coloring book is best for you.

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