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Best Craft Die Cutting Machines 2020

Craft Die Cutting Machines

If you prefer a personal touch and rather DYI than buying, a craft cutting machine may be the companion you need to imagine your next project. Craft cutting machines enable effortless creation, and cut out intricate designs to create your new favorite things. With precise knives or matrices that are able to shape fabric, cardboard, vinyl and other desirable materials, there is no limit to what you can make. Why wait another minute? Upgrade tired scissors with one of these efficient, multifunctional machines.

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Get inspired and create without limit with this practical cutting machine, perfect for making gifts, decor and cards. You can find more than 100 compatible materials, including vinyl, cardboard and imitation leather. The designs are clearly shaped with sharp, clean lines of the machine’s efficient fine point blades. You can upload your own photos using the free Design Space software or choose from 3,000 existing projects. This technology-savvy machine also has Bluetooth functionality for efficient wireless access. Several different color choices are available to round out the craft station.

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Without the power cord that connects you, this manual punched and embossed machine is ready to travel and small in space. It’s easy to make cuts and impressions anywhere, just place the articulated, collapsible handle, lower the pull-out cutting surfaces and crank away. (Each surface panel even has storage space for matrices, folders, and more.) Although small in size, this machine is designed to cut and emboss materials up to 6 inches wide, ranging from paper to wood.

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Any tabletop can become a craftsman’s paradise with Cameo 4’s multi-material carving capabilities. The futuristic backlit screen offers customized control of each project from cut to cut. The machine has many notable features, including a built-in feeder and cross-cutter for rolled-up materials and a double trolley system for standard and special blades. Although there is a 12-inch cutting area that is perfect for a mat, the machine even offers the option to go mat-free with cardboard and more. Whatever your inspiration, you can style, shape and cut from your computer with compatible Silhouette Studio software. To make it even easier to cut your creations, this machine also has Bluetooth.

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Your next project can be just a scan away with this knowledgeable cutting machine. The 300 DPI built-in scanner offers versatility, scanning images, doodled or otherwise, to create the ultimate personal creations. This machine has a large 4.85-inch LCD touch screen and a generous cutting area that fits both 12-to-12 and 12-to-24-inch mats. Design can be easily customized by navigating the screen, whether you create your own or choose from the library of 631 options. The machine also includes extra goodies such as a 12-to-12-inch adhesive mat, touch pen, spatula and more.

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The compact style of this cutting machine makes it a perfect addition to your craft area. The space-saving design has a platform size of 6 to 8.9 inches, which is ideal for a variety of thin metal shapes and embossing folders. Cardboard, vinyl and foil are just some of the materials that this machine has room for, so that designs can be cut or embossed with your unique taste. This quiet machine can be paused, resumed and reversed to meet your needs. Cutting boards, an embossing mat and more are also included.

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It’s easy to get into the craft when you have the right tools, and this convenient bundle option offers expert execution of Cricut Explore Air 2 and the tools you need to start your first and subsequent projects. The Cricut cutting machine is designed to help you imagine and realize your designs by cutting over 100 materials, including paper, felt and fabric. This handy system is accompanied by a beginner’s guide, tool kits, vinyl sheets and more.

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An easy way to haul the punching machine is to carry the bag easily. This efficient style, compatible with Cricut, Brother and other models, can store your machine, accessories and tools for taking crafts on the go. For simplicity, this case is folded flat for easy storage when not in use. With several different color options available, this go-to case is the perfect personality-packed design you can add to your DIY necessities.

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What you can make has almost no limit when the right punching machine is included in your hand tool. There are several different options when it comes to these valuable machines, some with the ability to carve out your own unique designs, and others that require established cuts. Whatever your preference, these systems are designed to cut out only the parts that make your projects personal. Our staff selection, Cricut Explore Air 2, makes it easy to imagine your next design with the ability to cut in more than 100 compatible materials, including cardboard and imitation leather. Each design is easily cut with the machine’s efficient fine point blade. Using Cricut’s free Design Space software, you can model your own styles or choose from 3,000 existing projects to complete each creation. And this exciting technology can become wireless with Bluetooth functionality.

The Sizzix Bigshot Foldaway Manual Die Cutting and Embossing Machine is a more portable option. The small profile and the manual design make it the perfect choice for the traveling craftsman. The machine can be placed on any surface, and instantly turns any room into a do-it-yourself paradise. It has a flexible, easy-to-fold handle and extendable cutting surfaces with built-in storage. Since it is powered by the hand crank, this style will print matrices and emboss folders without limitation. You will shape and impress selected materials, including paper and velum, with this useful tool.

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