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Best DVR for cable cutter 2020

Here’s the hard truth about power cuts right now: The ideal DVR does not exist.

While some products are better than others, everyone – from Tablo to TiVo to HDHomeRun with Plex – has at least one critical weakness. To record broadcast TV channels from an antenna, you need to decide which of these vulnerabilities you can tolerate.

DVR buyers cheat sheets

Our quick recommendations:

The good news is that the weak antenna is experiencing a rebirth, and we will probably see even more DVR products. But if you want to start recording broadcast channels now, here̵

7;s an overview of where your current products stand.

Updated September 28, 2020 to add our VBox TV Gateway Review. This can be a compelling product one day – it holds a lot of promise – but only the bravest and most tolerant wire cutter should consider buying one in its current state. It’s just not ready for prime time.

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The best OTA DVR for most wire cutters

If you do not need four tuners, the Tablo Dual Lite DVR – our previous top choice in this category – remains a convincing value. The Tablo Quad DVR is a bit more expensive, but it offers the least trade-off and of any product in this class. We have a few rivets to choose from – interlaced video cannot be played at 60 frames per second, and there are a limited number of streaming boxes you can use for viewing outside the home – but in a field that does not include the perfect OTA DVR, Tablo Quad DVR closest.

2nd. place

There is a lot to like here, especially for cable cuts that have made Fire TV units their chosen media streamers, but there are also enough shortcomings to limit Fire TV Recast (which is available in both 75- and 150-hour SKUs) to our second place in this category.


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