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Whether you are mixing batter or beating an egg, a quick hand-held mixer can easily mix the food to the right consistency. These compact machines have a lot of gusto, which is quickly combined and whipped, so every culinary adventure is a delicious success. With a variety of attachments and speed settings, these kitchen utensils are the best for preparing cake batter, cake batter and even mashed potatoes. You do not have to stir the next dessert or plate manually, get some help with a handy hand mixer.

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Mix the ingredients in an instant with this customizable hand mixer from Hamilton Beach. With six different speed options and 250 watts of power, this multisetting device will glide through your ingredients. Using the whisks or whisk attachments, you can adjust this useful device to combine your blends to achieve an optimal smoothing level. This mixer even has a bowl support, so drips and drops stay off the counter when you take a break to add ingredients. When not in use, the attachments are stored in a snap-on storage bag.

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KitchenAid is synonymous with mixing; Their stand mixer is a popular item among cooking fans everywhere. This reliable brand even takes mixing to a more miniature level with its own hand mixer. This five-speed wonder maneuvers easily from one speed to the next, so you can easily work up to the perfect whip. It has dishwasher safe Turbo II whips in stainless steel, solid enough to mix the thickest dough. The power cord even has a fun locking feature to keep the cord out of the way, no matter where your mixer rests. This device is certainly a quick favorite; choose from the cheerful color choices to make this your model.

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Stir up your next mixture using this efficient little blender machine. With a 220 watt motor and nine speeds, this mixer makes it easy with your favorite recipes. The speed settings rise from low to high speeds, combining blends with ease. The speed settings are controlled by a simple digital control. This machine has the classic fastening equipment as well as a useful whisk and dough hooks to help you with all the mixing needs. A useful spatula is even among the must-have tools that come with this important mixer. These attachments and more can be stored in the snap-on storage bag when not in use.

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Churn out smooth whips and blends with this quick ingredient-ready mixer. It has five-speed settings and a turbo boost for a little extra oomph, so tough textures have no chance. The durable nylon helix whisks are specially designed to overlap, so that they can easily flow through light and dense mixtures. This machine also includes dough hooks and a wire whisk so that it can handle any culinary duty. Choose from a fun mix of colors to add this model to your kitchen.

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Get in the mix with this powerful five-speed model from VonShef. This petite mixer really packs a powerful blow, sweeping ingredients into beautiful blends with 250 watts of power. The power is distributed in steps of five speeds, so you can easily control the speed to achieve the best mixes. With a turbo boost setting, this mixer floats in high gear, combining heavy mixes. This model includes essential whisks, dough hook and whisk attachment.

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A great mixer does not have to mean bulk, especially when the kitchen area is at a minimum. This cute and compact design is the definition of handheld perfection with a sleek, easy to store profile. The petite design may mean that it is light (tips the weight to only 2 pounds), but it is still a fully functional baker-must-have. With three speed settings (low, medium and high) you can choose the best intensity level to mix, whip and whisk. The two stainless steel whip machines even squeeze the machine and are discreetly located under the handle. Pop this little gadget in a drawer or closet and your next group of cookies will thank you. Choose from available color choices.

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When mixing cake batter or cake batter, a handheld mixer can remove stress from a fairly repetitive activity. Hand mixer beat, mix and stir to quickly combine mixes. They have a number of speed settings and attachments to get the job done. Our first choice is the Hamilton Beach 6-step electric hand mixer due to its efficient design and affordable price tag. This small machine offers 250 watts of power channeled in six useful speed settings. The classic design even has an inventive bowl support, so you can lean the machine without making any mess. The attachments include whips and a whisk that can be stored in the snap-on storage bag when not in use. You can not go wrong with this mixer when you want to make some delicious treats.

But if you are looking for an option that has a little more flair, the KitchenAid Ultra Power 5-step hand mixer is the ultimate choice. This elegant mixer has five speeds, stainless steel Turbo II whips and a locking power cord. It fits perfectly with any personality, with a variety of bold color choices available.

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