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Best hiking socks for women in 2020

Hiking socks for women

Hiking socks are an underestimated hiking need. The right socks are so comfortable that you forget to wear them, even if they cushion your joints and protect your feet from blisters. I have tested the best hiking socks available today, and these are my top picks.

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I have used Darn Tough Hiker Boot Socks for the past three years during massive walks and short day trips, and have not regretted it once. Extra padding under the toes, ankles and heels puts joints and babies your skin, and protects against a sore body, hot spots and blistering. The fine merino wool fibers are soft, never scratchy, and they effectively draw moisture away from the skin, making these great socks for hiking in cold or hot weather. Available in six fun color styles.

$ 24- $ 25 at Amazon

When you are serious about keeping your backpack and body weight down, you will want SmartWool Cable II socks. Cable IIs are made only for women, and have a narrow heel and slim fit that squeezes the feet and legs without squeezing. The socks never go together or slip down, and they are soft soft. There is minimal damping on this model. This keeps the weight down, but still provides enough buffer between the foot and the boot to prevent blisters. These durable socks are made of merino wool, nylon and elastane and can be machine washed and dried in a dryer or hand washed during adventures and hung to dry. This offer from SmartWool comes in 14 color choices, and they feel as good as they look.

$ 14 – $ 39 at Amazon

I love Danish endurance socks for their ability to keep their feet warm when the weights dip below zero and cool down when Mother Nature turns up the heat. These are thick socks, but not so bulky that your footwear feels too tight. Ventilation nets strip through the ankles and over the top of the feet to keep the air moving while merino wool ensures that the feet stay dry. Pillow is medium weight in these socks with crew length, which makes them the perfect companions for long walks or cool afternoons. This set of wood comes in a variety of color choices, and each is anatomically designed for a perfect fit.

$ 25 – $ 30 at Amazon

If you walk in running shoes or low-cut hikers, Darn Tough quarter pillow socks are a beautiful thing. They squeeze the foot just above the ankle, so they are not too high or too low. A combination of Lycra, merino wool, nylon and Spandex gives these a light feeling and moisture-transporting abilities. The cuffs hold up without fail, and the soles of the feet have been padded to cushion your steps. Seriously, these are the most comfortable midweight socks I have ever worn. Darn Tough quarter-pillow socks come in three bold colors and are perfect for three seasons of outdoor adventure.

$ 18 at Amazon

If foot pain prevents you from walking or enjoying other activities, SmartWools medium padded footwear socks may be the answer to your prayers. Flat knitted toe seams remove piles of fabric on the front of the shoe and give the toes plenty of room to spread. Meanwhile, a superbly designed elastic arch and padded heel support your foot and relieve the pain of arthritis, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis and fatigue. These SmartWool socks are high enough to wear boots and protect the rails from scratches and abrasions on the trail. SmartWool socks are made of real wool which is naturally antimicrobial. Get these in all seven colors and enjoy your feet for real arch support.

$ 20 – $ 26 at Amazon

From one hiker to another

I have spent several months at a time on hiking trails, and I put my trust in Darn Tough Hiker Boot Socks. The merino wool in Darn Tough socks prevents moisture from building up in boots by sweating away from the skin. No matter how far you travel on the trail, your feet will be fresh and dry. There is plenty of padding on the heels, feet and toes that protects against blisters and joint pain.

When the temperature drops below zero or fluctuates in the 80s, I pack Danish Endurance Merino wool socks. Thin wool fibers and ventilation fields do a good job of keeping the feet dry and irritation-free, and thickly padded soles protect against fatigue, joint pain and hot spots. Even when I have been standing on my feet for hours in burning temperatures, Danish Endurance leaves my feet and smells fresh.

If you enjoy quiet afternoons meandering through the woods or enjoy jogging, check out the Merrel Low Cut Tab Socks. Excellent arch support, a padded flap over the heel and the ventilation stripes all add up to make this a solid summer sock for day trips.

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