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Best iOS 14 tips and tricks for iPhone

iOS 14 transformed the way we used to interact with iPhones. Awarded some of the best privacy and accessibility features, there is so much in the box for everyone. But to be new to users, some iOS 14 features are still new to most of us. We recognized the same, and we tried to list the 18 best iOS 14 tips and tricks to help you get to know your iPhone better.

  1. Add widgets to the iPhone home screen
  2. Change app icons
  3. Use Back Tap
  4. Record calls in the messaging app
  5. Change default browser and email app
  6. Use Smart Stack
  7. Safety recommendations
  8. Hide exact location
  9. Recording indicator
  10. Recognize sounds
  11. Restrict access to photos
  12. Hide your hidden albums
  13. Compact iPhone call interface
  14. Plan a bike ride in Apple Maps
  15. Change CarPlay background
  16. Use picture-in-picture mode on iPhone
  17. Get access to app clips
  18. Emoji search option

The traditional way of interacting with widgets and home screen has changed with the release of iOS 1

4. As you may be aware of the App Library on iPhone. This section contains all your apps in one place. Once you have this, you have the freedom to remove all your apps from the home screens and reduce the number of pages to just one. And one side can be used to house your widgets.

Regarding the use of home screen widgets? You get a number of options, including third-party widgets, and the process of adding widgets to the home screen is quite simple.

tap and select widget from widget gallery and tap add widget on iPhone

2. Change app icons

iOS has not offered enough customization options lately. However, with the launch of iOS 14, you will receive a number of options for the same. One of the many options available is to change app icons. To further compliment the feature, you will receive a number of exquisite app icons for the iPhone home screen.
So just in case you want to play with the look of your iPhone’s home screen, this might be an appealing way to do it.

change app icon on iPhone

Use Back Tap

The Back Tap feature in iOS 14 comes with two customization options – Double-click and Triple-tap. The feature is supported by iPhone X and later. You can activate a backward push for a variety of options. You can assign a function individually to both double-click and triple by selecting from the list of options, including Control Center, App Switcher, Mute, Screenshot and many others. Not only these, do not forget to use iMessages backlash on mac. It’s really fun.

enable bounceback in iOS 14 on iPhone

4. Pin conversations in the Message App

The new messaging app in iOS 14 is adorned with features like thread messaging, Memoji, group chatting, tagging people in group chats, pin calls, etc. In the middle of the list of features, it is undoubtedly catching the eye. The feature allows you to capture the conversations that are important to you.

pin calls in the messaging app

If you do this, you do not have to scroll through the entire list of messages and can open a fixed call / sender right from the top of the iMessages app.

5. Change the default browser and email app

To date, you can redirect to the Safari browser or email app (based on relevance) by tapping a link on your iPhone. But things changed with the release of iOS 14. Now you are allowed to change the default browser and email app. While the previous version did not allow you to change the default apps, you can now change your default browser and default email app in a few simple steps. Isn’t that alluring?

open settings tap chrome, then tap the default browser app and select chrome on iPhone

6. Use Smart Stack

The Smart Stack feature is an impartial example of excellence and innovation. By adding the widgets feature, iOS 14 came with a smarter form of these widgets. The Smart Stack Widget on the iPhone Home screen uses the intelligence of your device to present you with the right widget and time. For example, you start the day with a weather / news widget, maps during your regular travel time and a calendar all day.

use smart stack on iPhone running iOS 14

7. Safety recommendations

In addition to user security, Apple introduced this functionality to iOS 14. The feature notifies you if your password is weak or easily hacked. In addition to this, the iCloud keychain will confirm if the password you have chosen has been part of a data breach. This password monitoring feature not only allows you to change your password right away, but it will also allow you to avoid using repetitive passwords or those that are frequently used worldwide.

password monitoring and privacy report on iPhone

8. Hide precise location

One of the most talked about concerns people have in this age of smartphones is to share their position on the device. While there are some good reasons behind doing so, it is undoubtedly a threat to people’s privacy to make it available to all apps. With iOS 14, you can now hide the exact location of the apps you want. Therefore, you can now limit the sharing of your exact location with the apps you want, and only allow it for the necessary apps such as cabs or delivery services.

hide exact location in iOS 14 on iPhone

9. Recording indicator

Some apps request access to the microphone and camera. But ever thought, after giving this access, do you allow apps to use the iPhone’s microphone and camera whenever and wherever needed? Not with iOS 14 security enhancements, knowing that this has become possible. You can learn about this through the indicator lights. While a green light indicates that the camera is in use, an orange light indicates that the microphone is on.

what do green and orange dots mean on iPhone running iOS 14

10. Recognize sounds

This falls under the tab accessibility settings. The sound recognition feature allows the iPhone to continuously listen to certain sounds in the background and alert you when you detect specific sounds. The function can be very helpful, especially for those with hearing loss. Not only them, even for the rest of the people, can have this feature enabled for certain sounds, which they may miss during the daily work.

get audio recognition alert on iPhone running iOS 14

11. Restrict access to photos

With iOS 14, the days are gone where giving access to photos to an app meant all or nothing. You can now restrict access to the images you want and restrict it to the remaining images and videos in your gallery. Another feature related to photos is that you can add a caption to your photos and videos in the camera app itself. Do not make your photos more customized with captions on them.

restrict access to photos on iPhone

12. Hide your hidden albums

The photos and videos we hide on the iPhone go to Hidden folder. However, this folder remains visible among other photos when you use photo selection via Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. Now you can hide the hidden album by turning on / off for “Hidden album” in the Photos app in the Settings app.

tap photos and turn off hidden albums on iPhone

13. Compact iPhone call interface

Suppose you are in the middle of a game, writing a message or flipping through an important draft online, and you receive a call. This turns out to be the most annoying part when the incoming call covers the entire screen and interrupts what you did. However, the days are gone. Instead of covering the entire screen with iOS 14, you will receive notification of incoming calls in the form of a banner over the top of the screen.

Compact iPhone call interface in iOS 14

You can enable or disable full screen calls from the settings app. On the same banner you have the option to reply to or ignore it. You can all choose to avoid pushing the banner off the screen.

14. Plan a bike ride in Apple Maps

Apple Maps received a number of new features in the latest iOS upgrade. One of the many others is dedicated cycling directions in Apple Maps. The feature allows you to check the distance, set the route, know the traffic, the height of the route, average time, etc. You can either access the cycling direction through the Maps application or by asking Siri to do it for you.

Schedule a bike ride in Apple Maps on iPhone running iOS 14

The best part about the feature is that it not only tells you about the traffic on the road, but also divides the height in your way.

15. Change CarPlay background

With iOS 14, you can customize CarPlay with attractive wallpapers. Now that you’re surpassing the traditional black screen on CarPlay, you’re getting 5 new vibrant CarPlay wallpaper options. The designs are similar to those available on the iPhone. You can also enable switching of dark and light mode to further improvise your experience. The feature can be enabled and disabled from the Settings app in CarPlay.

Change CarPlay background in iOS 14

16. Use picture-in-picture mode on iPhone

If you enjoy watching a video while browsing the internet or need to make notes while watching a video, this feature is for you. The feature is currently supported by Apple TV, Safari, Podcasts, FaceTime, Music App, Home, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. When enabled, any video played in a supported app, when minimized, will take the form of a small screen on the iPhone.

To further enhance your experience, you can pinch in and out to resize the screen or drag it to find the location you prefer on the screen. You can enable or disable PiP mode on iPhone.

Use photo in photo mode on iPhone running iOS 14

17. Access app clips

This is the most exciting and fresh inclusion in iOS 14. Shortly after its launch, the feature caught the eyes of not only people but also developers around the world. App clips are designed to make your life easier by allowing you to access certain app features without installing it. This feature can be very helpful when you pay for parking, buy online or order food from an app, with no plans to use again.

Last but not least, it works with Apple Pay. That said, you do not have to enter your card details over and over again.

Access app clips in iOS 14

18. Emoji Search Options

Emojis are one of the most common expressions in today’s world. However, flipping through and finding the right emoji can be a tedious task. With that in mind, Apple introduced the feature to search for emoji filters on your iOS 14 device. That said, you can now talk to your loved ones without any problems.

Emoji search feature in iOS 14 on iPhone

Concluding remark

These were just a few of the many helpful tips and tricks for iOS 14. The recently launched upgrade is considered to be the biggest ever for iPhone models. If you are in doubt or feel that we missed something, feel free to share it with us in the comments section. We would love to hear !!

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