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Best Minecraft Toys of 2019

Minecraft Toys in 2019

Minecraft is easily one of the most popular video games that has ever hit consoles or PCs, releasing players into a world they can build into when exploring. While there is a lot to do in the game, there are also some amazing toys for the kids to play with in the real world. Whether you want plush or action figures, you have options. However, the absolute best Minecraft toys are the Lego Minecraft Bedrock Adventures that allow your kids to continue building and using your imagination, without requiring a gaming console to do so.

Best Overall: Lego Minecraft Bedrock Adventures

Minecraft may be a video game, but there is also a wide variety of different legos that take the game and bring it into the real world. While different Minecraft Lego sets all deliver lots of fun and the opportunity to enjoy the world without having to connect to a video game to do so. The best Minecraft toy out there is the epic 644 piece Lego Minecraft Bedrock Adventures set.

This kit allows your child to use legos to descend into the Minecraft bedrock. They will build a multi-level environment that mimics mining down into the ground. The top of this set has dirt and trees, with ladders falling down and into mining levels. Although there are gray blocks to denote that you have stowed underground, your kids will also find a number of great minifigures to play with. This set comes with a spider, creeper, zombie, two silverfish, Alex and Steve Minecraft characters.

Part of the fun of Legos is being able to build and change the environment you play in. While sets provide a bit more structure play, it's not the only "best" way to set up Minecraft adventures. Thanks to the modular design, there are a few alternative ways to build this kit. This means that your children will not be tired of seeing the same thing every time they want to play.

Overall, Lego Minecraft Bedrock Adventures provides lots of fun for all kids who enjoy playing Minecraft. It allows them to use the base of Minecraft while encouraging imaginative games that do not involve a screen. It's a great way to let your kids enjoy something they love without always being connected to technology along the way. With many pieces, a modular design and a number of mini-figs to play with, it will keep your kids busy for a while.


  • 644 pieces to play with
  • Great for kids 8 and up
  • Lots of mini-figs to play with


  • Hundreds of small pieces that can be lost or trampled on [19659015] Best Overall

    Lego Bedrock Adventures

    Deep down into the bedrock

    Watch your child's imagination blossom as they dive into the bedrock and defend their mines against zombies, creepers and spiders!

Best Value: Creeper Plush

When it comes to children's toys, one of the most popular types is plush creations. After all, who doesn't want a cuddly version of their favorite characters? Or in the case of Minecraft, their favorite monsters. While zombies, spiders and skeletons are all there, the most popular villain is Creeper.

This little green guy is 10.5 inches tall, making him easy to roll around or crawl into bed with at the end of the night. It's night and soft, making it an excellent alternative for kids of all ages, and it's also easy to clean. With the same face and mark as Creepers from the game, it's easy to see exactly what you're looking at and make a wonderful soft cuddly friend for your child.


  • Super soft and squeeze bar
  • Medium size
  • Easy to keep clean


  • It may look a little NSFW from behind

Best Value

Creeper Plush

This one will not explode

Have your child cuddle the cutest plush creeper out there.

Best Lego: Minecraft Pirate Ship Adventure

Legoset offers a unique way of mixing structured and imaginative play. If you think there are no good Minecraft Lego kits to choose from; you are very wrong. Minecraft Pirate Ship Adventure is a brand new 2019 set that lets your kids sail or investigate a shipwreck. With many small articulated pieces, it will fascinate them as they play.

Minecraft Pirate Ship Adventure is a 382-piece set that allows kids to build a pirate ship, skull island and a host of little lego people to play with, including a zombie. The pirate ship itself is the feature of this set, and for a good reason. It has a fully retractable aisle, flickable and cannons, and even a rowboat so your pirates can land when they want. It also includes minifigs Alex and Pirate, a zombie, a dolphin, a turtle and even a parrot!


  • Moving pedestal and cannons
  • Legos let your child use their imagination while playing
  • Various alternatives for how they set up their pirate ship adventure


  • 386 small pieces to lose or tread on

Best Lego

Minecraft Pirate Ship Adventure

Adventure on the high seas!

Legos brings Minecraft's aquatic adventure to life with a pirate ship, complete with cannon, gangplank, zombie and more!

Best Action Figure: Minecraft Ender Dragon

The great boss of Minecraft is the epic Ender Dragon, a black behemoth that spits fire and hides somewhere in the world. While your kids may not be motivated to hunt it in the game, they can now play with an action found on this real-world beastie.

Minecraft Ender Dragon is a black pixelated reptile that has articulated parts and is fun for all kids who love action figures. It has wings and a moving tail, lightens the eyes and even roars. Best of all, it can spit purple "fireballs" from your mouth … although parents will want to keep an eye on making sure they don't get lost along the way!


  • Awesome Ender Dragon figurine
  • Wings move and it roars
  • Shoots slices from mouth


  • Hard edges are not suitable for younger children
  • You come probably losing the plates it shoots from the mouth

Best Action Figure

Minecraft Ender Dragon

Ender Dragon is within reach

Watch the kids play with an Ender Dragon action figure that lights up, roars and even spits slices all over the room.

Best Prop: Transforming Sword and Pickaxe [19659060] In the Minecraft world, you are nothing without the right tools for the job. Try to mine without a pickaxe, or tackle annoying skeletons without the sword, and you will feel bad. Mattel's transformative sword and pickaxe toys aim to ensure that no matter what fantasy world your child explores with your imagination, they are always equipped for what they find.

This toy alternates between being a sword and a pickaxe. In both versions it is made of hard plastic and retains the pixelated appearance of Minecraft. Switching between pickaxe and sword is a straightforward matter, so the kids can do it all by themselves by sliding and pulling parts of the toy to shift it. Although it's a hard plastic sword, when you switch to pickaxe mode, it has a soft foam tip, so your kids can feel like they're mining when it's time to play.


  • Two toys in one package [19659011] Looks like the game


  • Hard plastic
  • Pickaxe tips can break if you are not careful

Best Prop [19659067] Minecraft Transforming Sword and Pickaxe

Two Tools in a Package

Watch when your child kills animals or goes to mining for redstone with this two-in-one toy.

Bottom line

Every Minecraft toy we have detailed in this list is an excellent choice for creative and fun play. While each option gives you a different experience, they are all wonderful. However, the best of the best is the Lego Bedrock Adventures Building Kit.

This Lego set allows your child to build up a mining world and then explore it. It has a great modular design that lets them adjust how it looks and comes with a large selection of minifigures to encourage creative play. With over 600 pieces included, it will not grow old at any time.

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