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Best notes apps for iOS

MetaMoJi Note is a notebook and sketchbook app, PDF commenting tool, voice memo and digital scrapbook for your life. Capture your ideas anytime with fast voice recordings, advanced handwriting recognition and conversion of handwriting to text

or comment on Office and PDF documents.

Requires purchase of mazec Input Method for this functionality.

Use the app as a high-resolution sketchbook with a huge color wheel palette, pastel colors and advanced calligraphy pens. MetaMoJi Note is a virtual whiteboard for drawing, commenting, scrapbooking or digital mashup of notes and voice.

MetaMoJi Note is the only listing app available on all major mobile platforms. Winner of several awards: Tabby Award for Best Personal Productivity App ̵

1; Silver Stevie® Award for International Business – Finalist for Appy Award for Productivity – # 1 Productivity App in Japan
Key features
NEW – Gold Service is a premium add-on that allows you to make advanced use of MetaMoJi Cloud and the app itself. It includes:
– The Shared Drive function allows co-editing of documents
– Auto-sync intervals to ensure that your notes are always backed up
– Extra storage space for MetaMoJi Cloud

– Unlimited access to optional inks, premium items, papers and banknotes
– Customize the navigation bar
• Write, draw, or draw notes with a variety of pens, paper layouts, and graphics, including calligraphy pens and inks
• Quickly grasp your great ideas with voice memos that you can notice in your visual content – handy audio editing features let you index speech texts for any document or part of a document – even drawings, annotated graphics or PDF documents.
• Scales the document up to a whiteboard or down to a sticky note while still maintaining 100% visual integrity
• Import photos, graphics and Microsoft Office files via Google Drive
• Import a PDF file, mark it as needed, and save it as another PDF file
• Share creations via email or upload to Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr
• Easy file storage and sharing via Google Drive, Evernote and Dropbox
Sync all folders to MetaMoJi Cloud, a cloud service that lets you store and manage your documents (up to 2 GB free)
• Save drawings as individual JPEG graphics in the product library for later use
• Interactive surfing the web from the app and marking up websites
• MetaMoJi Note Lite is free to download and use. This version, MetaMoJi Note, is a paid app, has the great features above, along with the following advanced features:
• Password protect your notes to ensure that your information is kept secure
• Advanced pen styles, including highlighters, fountains and brushes
• Improved jump features allow you to assign visual dots to easily navigate complex compositions as you present

Shaping tools provide editable shapes
• Smart cropping tool extends photo editing
Here are some ways to use MetaMoJi Note for your personal and business life:
• Generate quick notes and to-do lists, add voice memos and tag for easy retrieval later
• Capture and select web pages
• Sketch drawings to illustrate lesson plans
• Mark and sign contracts and critical business documents in PDF format
• Used as an interactive whiteboard to brainstorm and present during team meetings
• PDF and photo marking

Review / edit documents and share feedback via email
• Draw a mind map or flow chart with ideas and assign audio files
Learn more:
More about MetaMoJi Note: http://noteanytime.com/en/quick_guide.html
Support: http://noteanytime.com/en/support.html

Twitter: https://twitter.com/noteanytime Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NoteAnytime

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