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Best OS X / macOS version for MBP mid-2010? : mac

Hi, I’ve been using Mojave (installed using a dosdude1 patch) on my unibody MacBook Pro since mid-2010 for a few months now, and the thing is that it started running quite slowly compared to older versions and is constantly running at around 75 celsius (I have cleaned internal parts and changed thermal paste). I have upgraded RAM to 6 GB (replaced a 2 GB stick with 4 GB one I had put around) and replaced the stock HDD with a 240 GB SSD on day 1 I got the system. I use it mainly for heavy browsing on both Safari and Chrome, Spotify, Discord, Photoshop and much more since my main computer recently crashed. The question is, what is the best OS X / macOS version for this MacBook Pro? I’m ok with using older versions, before Mojave, Mavericks was my main operating system for quite some time.

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