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Best Photo Vault Apps for iPhone in 2020

While the stock Photos app on the iPhone has seen many improvements to its features over the years, it still lacks a photo or video vault feature. Fortunately, many third-party options can help you. They offer the ability to lock images with a password or pattern to prevent unwanted access. This is incredibly useful if you want to keep some pictures away from your kids or others using your phone. Choose from some of these best iPhone app apps.

  1. Private Photo Vault – Pic Safe
  2. Secret Photo Vault – Keepsafe
  3. Secret photo album: Hide Vault
  4. Unlock Photos Secret Photo Vault
  5. Safe Lock: secret photo album
  6. Best secret folder
  7. Photo Vault Hide photo album
  8. GalleryVault -Hide Photo Video
  9. VAULT ̵
    1; Browser & File Manager

1. Private Photo Vault – Pic Safe

private photo vault - iPhone app screenshot screenshot

Here is a reliable way to protect your photos with a password or pattern. You can create and organize separate albums in the app to manage your private photos and share them via message and email whenever you want.

Furthermore, it comes with a private browser that allows you to download photos directly to the app. You can also create slideshows and import, export and watch videos from the Photos app.

Price: Free (Private Photo Vault Upgrade – $ 4.99)


2. Secret Photo Vault – Keepsafe

secret photo vault - holds screenshot of iPhone app

Lock photos and videos with a secret PIN using Keepsafe. By creating custom albums, you will be able to manage media and access it in a more convenient way. Furthermore, the integrated camera allows you to take pictures directly from inside the app.

There is also a slideshow option to present your photos beautifully. And when needed, you can quickly hide your photos and share them with your friends via social networking sites.

Price: Free (KeepSafe Premium – $ 4.99)


Secret Photo Album: Hide Vault

secret photo album: hide screenshot for iPhone app

With industry standard encryption, this is one of the best app vaults that keeps your photos safe. You can also use extra protection in the form of a PIN code or fingerprint.

In addition, you can use the built-in camera to take pictures discreetly or move pictures from your camera roll to the secret picture vault. There is also encrypted cloud storage to access your private albums from multiple devices.

Price: Free (in-app purchases start at $ 0.99)


4. Lock photos Secret Photo Vault

lock photos secret photo vault iPhone app screenshot

Check out this handy app for locking and managing everything from private photos and videos to text messages, notes, voice recordings, documents, etc. It supports subfolders and lets you search for quick access to everything you need.

Furthermore, it can handle different file types, from PDF files to plain text, files on PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Pages, Numbers and even audio and videos. This makes it a powerful all-in-one app that lets you do multiple things in one place to make life easier.

Price: Free (Pro Version – $ 2.99)


5. Safe Lock: secret photo album

safe lock: screenshot for secret photo album iphone vault app

Hide your photos and videos in secret folders using this iOS Photo Vault app. You can also take new photos directly from the app to maintain your privacy.

Furthermore, the best thing about it is that you can delete the photos from the original album when you transfer or take a photo from the app. You can choose from various security options like dotlock, numeric, alphabetical, password, touch ID, face ID.

Price: Free (Premium Account – $ 1.99)


6. Best kept secret folder

best secret folder iphone screenshot app screenshot

As the name suggests, this program creates a secret folder for storing photos and videos. You must enter a password when starting the app for the first time. If someone enters the wrong password four times in a row, the app takes the picture of the intruder’s picture and sends you an email along with the location.

Furthermore, you can also take live photos or videos directly with the built-in features or import from your photo library. The free version has limited features and ads, so consider upgrading to the paid one for better functionality

Price: Free (Remove Ads – $ 0.99)


7. Photo Vault Hide photo album

photo vault hide photos album iphone app screenshot

This photo vault app comes with a built-in browser that allows you to download photos from the web privately. Of course, you can also add and manage photos from your iPhone library.

You can choose to make your folders invisible so that they remain secure. At the same time, it supports alphanumeric, pattern lock and pin locks as well as Touch ID and Face ID for foolproof protection.

Price: Free (Pro Version – $ 2.99)


8. GalleryVault -Hide Photo Video

galleryvault - hide photo video screenshot for iPhone vault app

“GalleryVault” is good enough to offer a strong shield to all your photos and videos. As a result, they stay away from prying eyes. A notable feature of this app is the integrated private browser that allows you to easily download your favorite photos.

Furthermore, it supports viewing and hiding and GIFs as well. In addition, GalleryVault also provides burglary alerts to tell you who is trying to come across your secret photo library.

Price: Free (Premium Monthly – $ 1.99)


9. VAULT – Browser and file manager

vault - browser and file manager iphone photo vault app screenshot

Here is another hassle-free way to secure all your private photos, videos and documents. VAULT works as an advanced file manager that allows you to import and organize files in different formats.

You can also zip and extract files and transfer them to Mac or cloud storage services like Google Drive. You can use TouchID / FaceID to unlock the vault and set an app lock for more protection.

Price: Free


Summing Up

Which of these best photo vaults for iPhone have you tried out? Share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments below. And don’t forget to check out some photo editors to give your photos a flawless look.

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