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Best silicone tape for Fitbit Alta HR 2020

Silicone tape for Fitbit Alta HR

The best silicone band for Fitbit Alta HR is worth investing in. When training trackers first hit the market, they were honestly a bit boring. Most of them came with black bands, and there were not many ways you could adapt them or jazz them up. Fortunately, we live in a world where Amazon exists, which has literally opened up a whole new world of options for customizing your equipment. A replacement silicone band is an affordable and practical way to give Alta HR a fun new look. Here are some of the best available.

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This band from TreasureMax is uncomplicated and affordable, and is sold individually for a simple budget choice. It is made of soft TPU material that is skin-free and comfortable to wear for long periods. It is available in small or large size and comes in a variety of colors.

$ 6 at Amazon

So shiny! These bands have a cool structured pattern that sets them apart from the competition. They are made of TPE silicone material, while the metal buckles are made of stainless steel. These are available in four-packs with fun colors such as champagne and rose gold.

$ 10 at Amazon

Sometimes you just need a little bling, and it can be difficult to get hold of with a silicone band. They tend to be more sporty than shiny. EPSYN Silicone strap corrects the balance, but with rhinestone details on the strap. This strap fits wrists between 5.5 and 8.3 inches. It comes in black, pink and white.

$ 9 at Amazon

Why settle for just one ribbon? You will be able to find a band that compliments or contrasts your outfit with this 10-pack that has enough color combinations to really stand out in the gym or an evening out. They are made of flexible TPU and come with snap or traditional closures.

From $ 14 at Amazon

These fashion-forward bands come in some really cool designs and are available as singles or in multi-packs, so you have many options. We like this four-pack, which provides funky paisley, fun paint splashes and galactic scenes. These straps are available in two sizes; small and large.

$ 12 at Amazon

Zerofire’s silicone solution for Fitbit Alta HR comes with some fresh and fun patterns, such as this potato print design, perfect for pet lovers. There are also leopard prints, colorful floral designs, abstract versions and a charming blue and white porcelain pattern. They are silicone with a stainless steel buckle.

From $ 8 at Amazon

Sporty silicone straps

You want to take your Fitbit Alta HR with you everywhere, so make sure you have a band for every occasion. Customizing your equipment is always a fun thing to do, because it makes it so much more personal. If you want to customize the Fitbit Alta HR strap to fit your outfit, AK Fitbit Alta HR silicone straps can help. This package offers generous 10 different colors of ribbons.

If you are more of a fashionista, you may want more color choices. In that case, we suggest that you go with AK Fitbit Alta Bands, which come in colored multi-packs with interesting patterns.

We are also big fans of our overall staff selection, TreasureMax Fitbit Alta HR Silicone Tape. In a range of single colors such as the classic black version above, these offer an easy, convenient and affordable way to replace your existing ribbon.

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