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Best USB-C for light adapters in 2019

Apple's switch to USB-C ports in MacBook Pro (introduced in 2016 or later) and iPad Pro have changed the way users charge and connect their iOS devices to Mac. The company has not yet launched this feature in its iPhone and iPad; Therefore, users must rely on adapters, which can connect the cable to the USB-C port. These are the main reasons why we have rounded out the best USB-C for lightweight adapters that work flawlessly.

The products listed here act as a contact between your lightning (either charger or headphone) and USB-C port. You can easily connect your iPhone to your Mac or iPad equipped with USB-C ports.

Best USB-C to light adapters in 201

# 1. Anchor

  Anchor USB C to light adapter

Anchor is one of the most recognized brands that produce high quality Apple accessories. This USB-C to the lightning adapter is multifunctional because you can connect your lightning headphone to your Mac to listen to Apple Music on iTunes Media Player.

In addition, you can sync your iPhone or iPad with Mac and charge your iOS device as well. The adapter lasts 12 times longer than other common products, as Anker gives you 12000 flex life.

USP: 12K hoop time
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# 2. Hkitty Xiong

  Hkitty Xiong USB C for light adapter

Hkitty Xiong presents a USB C adapter with keychain. This adapter makes USB-C devices directly compatible with the iOS cable. Also, it enables your USB-C laptop, tablet or smartphone to connect to an IOS lightning cable.

You can synchronize and transfer your data at speeds up to 5 Gbps. The best thing about this product is that you should not use any driver or install software on your Mac or iOS device.

USP: Minimalist look
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  ARKTEK USB C for light adapter

ARKTEK has designed a durable but minimalist adapter to connect to your iOS devices with Mac. Because it is made of aluminum, you can be assured of durability, heat dissipation and long life.

Note that you cannot use this product for video and audio transmission, as this adapter does not support OTG. This means that ARKTEK's USB-C adapter does not work with iOS earbuds and other headphones.

USP: 5Gbps transfer rate
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# 4. Arukas

  Arukas USB C to light adapter

With Arukas you can turn your original iOS cable for USB-C cable. Then connect the USB-C devices with an iOS cable. Apart from charging your iOS devices, this adapter helps you to transfer the data plug and use it.

Made of aluminum material with coating surface, Arukas & # 39; adapter is more durable than any other similar plastic product. The small and lightweight profile makes it portable; You can use it in your home, office, car or anywhere.

USP: Portable
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# 5. YMH

  YMH USB C for light adapter

YMH gives you a package of three USB-C for light adapters, which are easy to use every day at home and in the office. You can connect the iOS cable to your USB-C enabled notebook, tablet and smartphone. The two-in-one feature of this adapter supports synchronization and data transfer at up to 5 Gbps.

You can use this adapter without installing driver or software on Mac or IOS devices. This portable USB adapter can be worn in your purse, wallet, etc.

USP: Universal compatibility
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It's all people!

Summary …

Until Apple introduces its iPhones with USB-C charging ports, an adapter has a role to play. For Apple, it can take another three or four years to connect its ecosystem to USB-C. Until then, you can use some of the first-class USB-Cs for lightning adapters.

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