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Wooden toys

The best wooden toys provide great gifts for children of all ages. Get away from plastic and keep things traditional by choosing to invest in a collection of wooden toys. Wooden toys are more tactile than artificial materials, stronger than a lot of plastic and durable to last and last for years, and are a smart choice for parents and caregivers to take. We have found some good options that are suitable for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

The staff chooses

Pepe Pull Along is perfect for little ones from one year and up, and is a childhood classic. Made of wood, with a non-toxic surface and sturdy rubber wheels, Pepe acts as a toy for non-walkers, and then you pull it when they have found their feet.

$ 23 at Amazon

Melissa & Doug make a fantastic line in wooden toys. This classic stacker consists of 25 colorful pieces of wood of rings, octagons and rectangles that can be matched and stacked on three poles. It’s great for hand-eye coordination and learning colors.

$ 20 at Amazon

All kids love a choo-choo train! This beautiful set gives you three wooden motors and a number of wooden carriages that are attached with magnets. This comes complete with a small wooden shelf for storage, so it is a great gift.

$ 20 at Amazon

Without sharp edges and non-toxic paint, younger children can enjoy the tactile feel and bright colors of this six-piece puzzle. When they are a little older, they can enjoy the challenge of putting the puzzle pieces in the right position, so good for critical thinking and coordination.

$ 18 at Amazon

This is a rattle, a teether, a geometry toy and a clutch toy to encourage motor skills. Suitable for the smallest tots, the elastic that ties beads and dowels “squeezes” down to fascinate small students, but always reappears for more fun.

$ 10 at Amazon

Designed to promote dexterity, hand-eye coordination, arm movement and understanding of cause and effect, this multifunctional toy combines a beating bench with a xylophone for a musical mashup suitable for kiddies over a year.

From $ 26 at Amazon

This set is a miniature version of the old-fashioned alphabet blocks and comes in a small wooden cart that is convenient to store. Younger children will enjoy stacking the blocks and flipping them over, while older children can use them to learn ABC.

$ 15 at Amazon

This brilliant option will keep a toddler entertained for hours as they explore each quadrant and all the little activities they offer. There are gliders, resilient flaps, spinning wheels and pearl barrels, all in beautiful bright colors and made of child-safe painted wood.

$ 76 at Amazon

Although toddlers may like to stack the colorful puzzle pieces, this game is best suited for preschoolers who can challenge themselves to solve the Tetris-themed puzzle, develop their problem-solving and logical thinking skills.

$ 9 at Amazon

All babies and toddlers are fascinated by pearl mazes. This wood and metal version takes things a step further with animal-themed pearls and an abacus as well. This has suction cups on the base, so you can attach it in place for a safer playing time.

$ 18 at Amazon

While some kids play intricate, imaginative games, others just like hitting things with a hammer. This is where this beating bench comes in. Let them unleash their inner Bamm-Bamm with this three-look-a-boo game that is durable enough to beat.

$ 16 at Amazon

This charming dresser is the perfect gift for all little ones fascinated by all hair and makeup. It will encourage imaginative and role-playing activities with the child-friendly mirror, the large drawer and a selection of hair and make-up equipment.

$ 33 at Amazon

Ditch the plastic

Our total staff choice, Pepe Pull Along Walk-A-Long Wooden Puppy, is such a great value toy. Under supervision, babies can enjoy holding and exploring the doggy shape and turning the wheels, non-walkers can push the puppy around on the floor, so Pepe can be used as a toy cover when walking.

Also recommended as an alternative that will see you through different stages of development are three alphabet blocks in a cart. These can be used by younger tots as building blocks, and older ones as an alphabetical learning tool, and build important words as they learn their ABCs.

Finally, if you can afford it and your child has room for it in their home, the Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity Center is recommended. Toddlers will love all the different little fiddly activities that are built into the center, and it can also be used as a forest environment for little toys to be placed on.

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