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Better drag and drop on macOS and iOS

  Gladys Quick. Give the one big difference between using apps on a Mac versus iOS on iPad and iPhone. Touch. Or rather a touch screen. The Mac touch is limited to a trackpad or mouse. iOS uses a touch screen.

That means the Mac is a better drag-and-drop platform than the iPad or iPhone. That means the Mac has many tools that provide the drag-and-drop experience with a simple place to drag and drop. Here's a free tool that pulls and releases better for Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Drag. Loose. Drag.

Not too long ago I considered Yoink for Mac, iPhone and iPad. Great app. Drag almost anything into a pop-out shelf to store, drag it back later to where you need it to go. Colleague Tera Thomas O'Brien found another that works the same way, but only on iOS. Anybuffer.

Today I give you a much needed Friday Freebie called Gladys that makes it all drag and drop things better on Mac, iPhone and iPad.

 Gladys for Mac

What you get is a shelf window that accepts almost anything you can drag and drop. Links, snippets, contacts, photos, photos, emails, text messages, map locations and more. Drag it anywhere – from an app or from the Finder or a browser or Mail – and drop it on Gladys.

That's where it stays.

Gladys also syncs with iCloud so you can run the app on your iPhone and iPad and have quick access to what you've dragged and dropped on Gladys on your Mac.

 Gladys for iOS

Gladys is packed with more nerdy features than Anybuffer or Yoink, though the shelf that stores ripped and lost items doesn't pop out from the edge of the Mac screen. You will be able to see specific file details on dropped items, merge items as a collection of archives, export as a ZIP file, and invite friends or colleagues to share collections with articles.

Many items can be tagged with notes and titles and tags. It even lets you search through a very large list of dragged and dropped items using Spotlight.

Nicely done and free (99 cents removes the limit for 10 simultaneous items on the shelf).

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