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Better, smarter time management with Timemator 2 for Mac – Apple World Today

Automate your time tracking and forget about the timer … forever. Packed with convenient features, Timemator 2 makes timekeeping easier. Timemator automatically captures everything you do on your Mac. You can go back to review what you worked on and allocate time to your projects. Create your own rules and time the apps you use. Timemator also gives you comprehensive reports in the form of a timeline, chart or list. With these features you can take into account how your time is distributed while working, adjust the workflow or easily calculate your income for tasks. Every second counts. Focus on your work and let Timemator do the tracking for you.

  • Automatically record everything you do on your Mac

  • Define your rules and automatic time on files and apps

  • Manually add timing sessions or edit existing ones

  • View all relevant sports data at a glance in one place: timeline, chart or list

  • Enter the hourly rate for tasks and let Timemator calculate your income

  • Organize folders and tasks as you would with files in the Finder

  • Keep all the tasks, folders, sessions and auto-tracking rules in sync on all your Macs

  • Import a CSV file and let Timemator automatically recognize your data and format

  • Keep track of time even when working offline

  • Keep all data, sessions and income private

  • Never worry about losing your data with automatic backups

This is the perfect way to keep track of your work from home for those disgusting bosses who do not believe in your time card. Get Timemator 2 for Mac and put them in place.

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