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Big Tech’s market dominance leads to a number of US antitrust probes

The four US Big Tech companies – Alphabet’s Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook – are facing a series of antitrust investigations at the federal and state level that were revealed in mid-2019.

Google breach.  Image: Google logo


While Democrats may be seen as tougher on antitrust regulation, it seems that traditional Republican concerns about regulatory overreaction are being overridden by anger over allegations that Big Tech is trying to stifle conservative voices.

These are the inquiries that are underway:

The Department of Justice at Google: The U.S. Department of Justice is expected to file a relatively narrow complaint within two weeks, accusing Google of trying to make rivals difficult in search and in lucrative search advertising.

MacDailyNews Take: Thing, thing, thing! Of the four “Big Tech” companies that are surveyed, they are the ones that need the most remedies to restore and revive the goodness of the competition.

Apple’s Department of Justice: This probe, unveiled in June 2019, appears to be focusing on Apple’s app store. Some app developers have accused Apple of introducing new products and then squeezing out apps that compete with them. Apple says that they seek to have only apps of the highest quality in the app store.

MacDailyNews Take: “Big Tech’s market dominance leads to many US antitrust probes,” including, for some inexplicable reason, Apple, which does not dominate any market it competes with.

We have always said that control is reasonable and appropriate, but we completely disagree with the conclusions reached in this personnel report with respect to Apple. Our company does not have a dominant market share in any category in which we conduct business. Starting 12 years ago with just 500 apps, we’ve built the App Store to be a safe and reliable place for users to discover and download apps and a supportive way for developers to create and sell apps globally. HostingApp Store‌ hosts close to two million apps today, delivering that promise and meeting the highest standards of privacy, security and quality. The ‌App Store‌ has activated new markets, new services and new products that were unimaginable a dozen years ago, and developers have been the main benefits for this ecosystem. Last year in the United States alone, the ‌App Store‌ facilitated $ 138 billion in commerce, with over 85% of the amount accruing only to third-party developers. Apple’s commission rates are fixed in the regular app stores and gaming markets. Competition drives innovation, and innovation has always defined us at Apple. We work tirelessly to deliver the best products to our customers, with security and privacy at the core, and we will continue to do so. – Apple inc.

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