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Black Ops Zombies in the App Store

Now I downloaded this game like a week ago, and I’m mostly looking forward to it! I know what you can say: “This game has not been updated since 2013, how is it good?” Well, that was why I made my own pros and cons with this game. Let’s start with the pros: First, you can play anywhere you want. Secondly, I think at least 25 zombies max per round, which means that going to high rounds is very easy. Third, all you really need for this game is Zeus Cannon and a Ray Gun that is packed. Fourth, in Cinema you can actually play music just like the console version! Last but not least, you can save your game. So if your phone or iPad needs charging, save the game and you̵

7;re back where you were. Now, into the cons. Remember this is my opinion, so you do not have to agree. First, the game is too simple, so you can easily get out of sticky situations, like in a corner. You are able to move zombies if you encounter them, which supports my first drawback. Second, sometimes you are stuck on invisible barriers that are located where there should not be an invisible barrier. Third, if you do the grenade animation and try to switch guns at the same time, you will not equip weapons. And after 4 seconds you will go down. Last but not least, when you kill a lot of zombies, the character you used will use 2 or 3 lines at once. So that’s all. Do I recommend it? Yes I do. So, buy it if you want!

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