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Bloomberg confirms a fall full of Apple Gear

Whether it’s this month, sometime in October or even November thanks to COVID-19, we all know that new Apple devices will be here soon. If the rumors and reports that have been swirling for a while are true, we will be in for a whole lot of hardware in a short time.

Jon Prosser had been very busy lately, and there are several new Apple leakers who will make their mark this year, but no one has the combination of track record and longevity that Mark Gurman from Bloomberg does. When he reports, you can take it to the bank. We finally heard from him and Debbie Wu from Bloomberg early yesterday.

Mr Gurman̵

7;s piece covers a lot of ground that has already been trampled by other leaks, but he provides reliable confirmation of what to expect. Firstly, he covers the fact that four new iPhones will be released this year in sizes of 5.4, 6.1 and 6.7, and that the release will be postponed. Unlike Jon Prosser, however, he did not specify specific dates or release windows. He only lists the devices that will come this fall, and that the iPhone 12 pros will come after the iPhone 12s.

Gurman says we should expect two Apple watches. One will be the obvious series 6. It is possible that the other may be the “SE” version we have heard of recently. This would mark a change in philosophy from just discounting last year’s model to a specially branded mid-tier smartwatch. It seems like a smart move because the same approach has worked well for the iPhone.

I found it interesting that Gurman specifically mentions a new iPad Air, but does not say anything about an upgraded base model iPad. There have been a few rumors about that device lately. Considering how many units Gurman specifically calls out in the article, I doubt there will be unintentional omissions. However, the Eurasian Economic Commission has submissions for what appear to be two different entities, so who knows. But the fact that it does not appear here makes me ask if a new iPad is coming.

Gurman also talks about a few other Apple devices. First, the specific mention of AirPods Studio is a good sign that they are FINALLY coming out before the end of this year. A smaller, cheaper HomePod is also predicted. Gurman also talks about the many rumors AirTags and a possible new Apple TV update, but none of them are specifically related to the fall, so we may have to wait until 2021 for them.

This article was specifically about mobile devices, so no Apple Silicon Macs were mentioned. Apple has already told us that something is coming before the end of the year on this front. It’s more a question of which Mac will be released first. I guess we can expect to read some of Mr Gurman’s thoughts on this hardware in the near future.

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