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Boxed App Store Spotlight – Rubber Cube

There are a multitude of shopping apps in the App Store and Google Play Store, each trying to find a different niche to target. Boxed is a bulk shopping app that delivers at wholesale prices to meet consumer demand for both quantity and reasonable price. No matter how much bulk or how low the price, consumers won't buy from them if they can't find the app, which is why App Store Optimization is so important. For this week's App Store Spotlight, we take a look at Boxed and unpack ASO.


On the Apple App Store, Boxed is ranked # 93 in the Shopping category. It ranks # 1 in the search for "box", as well as "bulk app." The app is also in the top 5 for "bulk" and "delivery club" searches, and the top ten for "store delivery," "grocery store apps" and "cheap stuff." The rankings are lower for "grocery" searches (# 24 ), "Grocery store" (# 25), and "online shopping apps" (# 25). Outside of "Boxed Wholesale," it doesn't rank for any "wholesale" terms, such as "wholesale."

While the app provides delivery for a number of items, it ranks only in the search results for a few, ranking # 34 for “food delivery” and # 5 for “snack delivery,” as well as # 25 for “cheap makeup.” It ranks moderately well for competitors like “Fred Meyer App ”(# 7) and“ Publix Delivery ”(# 1

3), but it does not rank for competitors like“ Costco. ”

Creatives : Boxed uses an icon with a strong sense of
brand, place the name in large text on a light blue background. The same
Coloring is used for the images, which places screenshots from the app on one
matching blue background with white exclamation text.

The screens primarily highlight different things users can buy and their prices, and present the many products it offers. The exclamation text tells users more about the app, beginning with a bold but brief exclamation, like "Shop Bulk", followed by a slightly longer explanation. These do a good job of communicating the key benefits of the app, although they could sometimes be shortened to be easier to read quickly.

The biggest setback is the relative lack of screens. Boxed uses only four screens, while the App Store allows up to ten. The app can use the extra six to highlight sales, view comparative prices, or provide more information about the product range. This can also help distribute some of the longer call text. For example, a screenshot says "Wholesale, no annual fees" in the smaller part of the request text. With another screen, it could shorten this to just “No annual fees”, while using the other to focus on the “Wholesale” items.

Title & Subtitle : The app's full title on the App Store is "Boxed: Bulk Quality Essentials." This uses all 30 characters allowed by the App Store while using keywords. This has helped it rank at the top for terms like "bulk app" and "bulk shopping." Although the "quality" keyword is primarily low volume, the lower competition gives it the # 1 ranking for terms such as "purchase quality." "Quality" is also a value proposition that can affect conversions because it signals to users that the products are still good, even though prices are low.

The subtitle is “Large Sizes. No membership fees. “This one also uses all 30 characters, although the keywords are less valuable. While "large sizes" and "no membership fees" are good values ​​to present, they are not as often searched for terms as "wholesale" and "shopping." Instead, it can highlight these values ​​in the screenshots and description, and then use the subtitle for more keyword-focused phrases. It will help the app appear in multiple searches while still calling out the other value suggestions. Boxe's lack of membership fees helps distinguish it from important competitors such as Costco, so it's still important to include it on the app's page.

Description : Boxed has a description introduction
which works well from an ASO perspective. It calls out value early, exploits
short lines that are easy to read at a glance. Keywords are integrated
throughout it, so users who find it in search can see how it relates to theirs

However, the introduction is only half of the description.
In the box is missing a feature set that can be used to provide additional information
in an easy to read way. A feature set allows it to delve into important benefits
such as "Buy in bulk" and its affordable price, as well as list of the various products
users can find on the app. Feature lists are also good places to emphasize
keywords, since users can quickly see the important concepts as they browse
through the description.

Google Play

In the Google Play Store, Boxed # 1 ranks for "Boxed Wholesale" and "brandless," a term used by competing shopping apps like Thrive Market or Hollar. It is also number 2 for “wholesaler” and # 6 for “overstock.” After that, the ranking begins to fall, coming in at # 44 for “food shopping,” # 48 for “clearance shopping” and # 59 for “wholesale clothing. ”

The app ranks for a few competitors, even though these rankings are on the down side. It's # 54 for "samsclub" and # 115 for "poshmark." It doesn't rank too many terms for the specific things users can buy, except for "grocery deals" at # 69.

Creatives : Boxed uses five screens, with four identical to those used on iOS and one called "Free Trials." Google Play allows up to eight screens, so it has room for three more.

The biggest difference between iOS and Google Play
commercials are the video. Google Play has a video with customer ratings,
where they talk about how much they like to order from Boxed. The promotional video too
includes value suggestions such as fast delivery, including photos
of the different brands and items users can order.

This video will not be allowed on the iOS App Store for two reasons. First, Apple does not allow videos that display footage from outside the app, while the Google Play video has almost exclusively footage from customers. Second, the video is one minute long, while App Store preview videos can only be up to 30 seconds. However, since Google Play has no such restrictions, the video acts as an effective ad.

Description & Metadata : Boxed uses an identical description on Google Play and the iOS App Store. While the introduction still calls for the benefits and value of the app, it must be formatted to use keywords properly. Since Google Play crawls keyword descriptions, the app should start with lines of terms it wants to target, such as "store wholesale." Some lines in the current description begin with terms like "So whether you're making favorite snacks," which aren't keyword-focused.

Using feature lists can also help here. Every feature
sets can highlight a keyword or phrase, while the features are a dot in them
Lists can begin with a keyword. This will help Google Play index the app for
these terms while signaling to the users that it is relevant to the query. To
for example, uploading the badges and items users can purchase can help the app appear
in searching for these concepts and improving visibility.


Boxed designs its screens well and has a description that is easy to read. On iOS, it uses the character area it has for the title and subtitle, but not necessarily with the best keywords. It comes to a close by not taking full advantage of the screenshot area, not using keywords in the iOS subtitle, and missing a feature set in the descriptions. App optimization in these areas by following App Store optimization best practices can help improve search visibility as well as conversions, which can help the app find more users and grow.

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