Last week's episode of Connected, I mentioned hearing from a few MacStories readers working at different Broadway manufacturing companies, who told me that they are increasingly switching workflows to be portable and just iPad. Here is Samantha Murphy Kelly, writing for CNN (via David L. Jones ):

Several exhibits, including Kinky Boots and Pretty Woman: The Musical, switch to a paperless system that packs the script, the lyrics, videos and costumes and prospectus notes, to one place for the director, crew and cast members.

The productions are similar to an app from the Startup ProductionPro, which is already used to companies like Walt Disney Studios to help produce movie and television shows.

During a recent rehearsal of Pretty Woman: The Musical, attended by a handful of reporters, production director Thomas Recktenwald encountered three-cast members who participated in an evening performance. Swiping through the ProductionPro app on an iPad Pro, Recktenwald showed the latest changes made to the script. It had notes scratched into the edges via an Apple pencil, and he taped through videos that marked blocking, broken down scene by scene.

Also interesting: ProductionPro can be tried for free, but unlocking the complete feature set (which includes collaboration and larger file sizes) requires a subscription of $ 1

9.99 / month.