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Brydge Pro is the best iPad keyboard I've ever used

I've heard about the Brydge keyboard for the iPad for many years and seen the glowing reviews. However, I usually get stuck with products from ZAGG and Logitech, as they tend to be a bit cheaper and provide more coverage as is the case. The most important thing that kept me from trying the more expensive Brydge was the fact that it was much more keyboard than the case, so the back of the iPad was completely exposed. The other cases I tried had very good keyboards and provided excellent protection, making them better overall choices for me at that time.

Things have changed with the current gene iPad Pro, though. Apple's Smart Keyboard is the only option that works with the moved Smart Connector and this year's 1

2.9 "Bluetooth Keyboard Cases. IPad Pro has been underwhelming to say the least. None of the products I have tried outside of Touchtype Pro, which was a preproduction prototype from Salman Sajid's Kickstarter campaign has been worth what they cost. As such, I have stuck with Smart Keyboard, but certainly not because I like it. It has just been the best with a mediocre crop of competitors.

The lack of better options has made me much more willing to share with a few extra bucks to get a better keyboard. Also, the Brydge Pro keyboard now comes with a magnetic cover to protect the back of the iPad Pro, making this a more realistic option for Now, I went ahead and ordered a few weeks ago and got exactly my Space Gray model for the current gene 12.9 "Pro two days ago.

Thanks to a crazy week at work, I didn't try Brydge Pro until last night. My wife's High School reunion is this weekend, and she decided to drive while writing up yesterday's short story about the possible return of the old rainbow platform's Apple logo. That and my work with Brydge Pro today is all I need to know that this bad boy is a cut above the rest. While the Logitech Slim Combo that I had last year was a better case, Brydge Pro is the best iPad centric keyboard I've ever used in a mile, and I've used many of them over the last nine years. [19659003] It checks all the boxes. The keys are big enough and sufficient distance. They have a nice action and response reminiscent of a very good laptop keyboard. They also have known function keys, such as media controls, brightness, key lighting, lock, Home and even a Siri button. Combined with the extended keyboard shortcut selection in iOS 13, Brydge Pro is the perfect keyboard for an iPad Pro.

The only drawbacks I have noticed with Brydge Pro so far are the weight and some creepy protection on the back of the iPad. As for the weight, it is not the end of the world to me. I actually used heavier keyboard cases. It's about performance, and Brydge Pro delivers it in spades. But if your weight is a priority, you may want to look elsewhere.

When it comes to backing the iPad Pro, it's really my only concern when using Brydge Pro. I'm glad it comes with a magnetic cover on the back. This gives at least basic protection against small things and scratches and does it without adding much extra weight and weight. It also makes it easy to keep well on the back of the tablet. However, this back does not come to protect the iPad from a fall of any distance. Put your concerns over the current gen iPad's unintentional exterior flexibility, and you'll need to take care of how to handle your tablet with Brydge Pro.

Although these small concerns are valid, they do not prevent me from strongly recommending this keyboard. case. It's easy to use, versatile, beautifully designed and well-crafted. If you do a lot of writing work on iPad Pro, Brydge Pro is a near-essential accessory. I will continue to write about it as I use it, but I can already tell that I have found my go-to keyboard case for daily use in the future.

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