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Buy an Apple Watch SE or Series 6 at AT&T and get $ 200 off another

Buy an Apple Watch SE or Series 6 at AT&T and get $ 200 off the price of another Apple Watch. One new line is required, and price discounted reflected in bill credits over a 30 month period.

The nice print: “Buy two Apple watches (Series 3 up to $ 289.99, Series 4 up to $ 699.99, Series 5 up to $ 749.99 – as long as supplies last, Series 6 up to $ 799, 99 or SE up to $ 359.99) both on a qualifying installment agreement. Add at least one new line. Enable postpaid service (laptop and data) for each device. (min. $ 1

0 / mo. per unit for new svc.). Existing customers can add qualification. current plans that may be smaller.
After completing the steps above, you will receive up to $ 200 in credit against the other eligible Apple Watch.

Notes: The installment options are 0% agreement with the 30th month. term of up to $ 26.67 / mo. Other installment options may be available and vary by location. $ 0 down only for well-qualified customers, or down payment may be required and depends on a number of factors. Prepayment will, if necessary, be either 15% to 80% of the unit cost or a dollar amount currently ranging from $ 200 to $ 1400 (the amount is subject to change, may be higher and will not exceed the unit price change and may be higher). Credits start within 3 bills. Get collection credits when the credits start. Used in equal amounts on unit (s) $ 6.67 / mo. credit for 30 months. Apple Watch Max Credit $ 200. Maximum discount will not exceed the cost of the device with lower price or max credit. Other installment options may be available, and credit will be used in equal amounts over the term. “

AT & T’s agreement is live on their now. For the latest prices and sales on the Apple Watch, see our Apple Watch Price Tracker, updated daily.

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