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[Buying] [H] I was scammed [W] people to be aware of: AppleBandMarket

About two weeks ago I commented on a thread in this sub started by / u / _vape_god, I was interested in buying two of the three bands he had for sale.

He replied right away, we agreed on a price, I sent him the money that night, and he replied that they would be sent by tracking 9 or 10 July. Wednesday is coming and I have not received tracking yet. I contact him on Thursday and get no answer, try again on Saturday and finally he answers that he gets the tracking. He never does.

I opened a claim with PayPal and tried to send notification of the mode here, but I have never heard from them either. The whole situation has put a sour taste in my mouth about this subreddit. Just wanted to put it out there so that you are aware and are not scammed yourself.

Edit: PayPal came back to me today and said they never heard from him and found in favor of me.

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