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Call 911! Or, with an iPhone or Apple Watch, Invoke Emergency SOS. ~ Macs Tech Notes

Have you ever had the need to call emergency services from your or others' iPhone? Almost by definition, such conversations take place in stressful times, and it can be hard to remember what to do. Or, if you've been in an accident, it can be difficult or impossible to navigate in the iPhone interface. In iOS 1

0.2 and watchOS 3 and later, the Apple Emergency SOS feature added to help.

Emergency SOS does three things:

  • First, call emergency services using the number that suits your location, which can be especially useful when traveling abroad.
  • After your emergency call has been completed, Emergency SOS sends a text message with your location to emergency contacts that you previously created in Health App.
  • Finally, it shows your medical ID for first respondents so they can be aware of things like drug allergy. You create your medical ID in the health application as well.

How to use Emergency SOS varies depending on which Apple device you have:

  • On iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X, press and hold the side button and one of the volume buttons until the Emergency SOS screen appears. Drag either the NOS SOS slider to call emergency services right away, or simply hold down the side and volume buttons. If you keep holding down the buttons, a countdown begins and a warning sounds; At the end of the countdown, iPhone automatically places the call, a feature that Apple calls Auto Call.

  • On iPhone 7 and earlier, quickly press the sidebar five times to retrieve the Emergency SOS slider. Drag the slider to call emergency services. (Quintuple clicks can also work on the new iPhones, an option in Settings> Emergency SOS.)
  • Apple Watch works like the newer iPhones. Press and hold the side key to retrieve the NOS SOS slider, or hold down the sidebar to start countdown, after which Apple Watch will call emergency services automatically through Auto Call. Apple Watch must be connected to iPhone, be on a known Wi-Fi network and have Wi-Fi calls enabled, or be an Apple Watch Series 3 with a mobile plan.

It's just human that will test this in a non-emergency situation and you can do it without actually calling. On both iPhone and Apple Watch, there will be a red hangup button you can press, followed by a End call or End call button. Likewise, you can cancel messages about your emergency contacts.

You will also stop calls if they are accidentally placed. We know someone who had the hand in his pocket in a way that pressed the Apple Watch page long enough to start the conversation and since he was in a noisy environment he did not hear the notice or notice anything before the 911 service called its iPhone back.

To add emergency contacts – the people you had Want to know if you were in an accident, for example – follow these steps on iPhone:

  1. Open the Health Application and press the Medical ID button at the bottom right.
  2. Touch Edit, then scroll down to Emergency
  3. Press the green + button to add a contact.
  4. Select the desired person and select the relationship with you when prompted.
  5. Touch Finished to save your changes.

Two notes. First, if you are concerned about activating the Auto Call feature unintentionally, turn it off in Settings> Emergency SOS on iPhone and Apple Watch in the Watch app, in My Watch> General> Emergency. [19659002] Secondly, the NOS SOS slider screen automatically deactivates the touch ID and face ID so you must enter your password to enable them.

I really hope you never need to use Nødsos, but if you do, it turns out to be a faster and more effective way to contact emergency services.

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