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Can Holographic Audio ™ be the next big thing to come to headphones?

Back in 2006, a company named Creative Technology sued Apple over the iPod that violated its patent. As you magnify the image below, you can watch the marketing of holding up to 2,500 songs on a 5 GB hard drive, with a vertical touch pad and a mini screen like the iPod.

Negotiations with Job were tense, CEO Sim Wong Hoo remembers, and his American opponent made most of the talks. Finally, Sim went away with a $ 100 million settlement. Later in a statement from Steve Jobs, he said "Creative is very fortunate to have received this early patent." The iPod continued to smash Sim's MP3 player.

 2 Creative Technologies Zen "border =" 0 "class =" asset asset-image at-xid-6a01[ads1]20a5580826970c022ad3c4870e200d image full img-responsive "src =" https://www.patentlyapple.com/.a/ 6a0120a5580826970c022ad3c4870e200d-800wi "style =" display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; "title =" 2 Creative Technologies Zen "/> </p>
<p>  Sim is back with another technology that could haunt Apple again if the right company like Samsung, Huawei, Sony or Microsoft would work with Creative or even acquire them. </p>
<p>  Sim's next big thing is "Holographic Sound" that works with a pair of headphones using a specialized app running on a smartphone. For now, only for Android phones, even if it's a picture </p>
<p>  I another segment of their site under <strong> SXFI AMP </strong> lists the macOS that it works with "Android phones, Windows PC, <strong> macOS, </strong> PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Technically Mac users can check out SXFI AMP today. </p>
<p>  In 2018, there were a number of headphone-related patents on record from Apple. None of the patents filed to date mention Holographic sound, but of course Apple can call the technology something else. </p>
<p>  Creative's Super X-Fi gets rave reviews. C / Nets report published last year was called "Creative's new Super X-Fi audio technology's release." </p>
<p>  Last year, Creative said it was working on a wireless headset with its holographic sound technology built right into the headset and the new Bloomberg report confirms that it is now available. </p>
<p>  The Bloomberg report further shows that "Holographic sound technology, available in headphones or as headphone amplifier, <span style= provides sound as it comes from multiple speakers spaced around the listener, rather than from

  3 XX Head Mapping App

As mentioned in the Bloomberg graphics above, users take a picture of the face and ear shape of the Super X-Fi app to create a tailor-made listening experience, creatively examining how thousands of different people experienced sound – including to put microphones in the subject's ears in a studio – and feed the results into an artificial intelligence engine that then predicts how others will hear sounds.

Creative's SXFI AMP headphone amplifier is sold at $ 150 and the SXFI AIR Bluetooth headset output is on $ 160. For more on this story, check out the full Bloomberg report here.

Just as Apple would debut its new over-the-ear headset is late last year, spread rumors that Apple delayed the headphone product until 2019. It gave Microsoft the opportunity to enter the market in October and in time for Christmas without having to collide with Apple. The great feature was adjustable noise shutdown next time.

Product auditor Marques Brownlee fell in love with Microsoft's headphones when they launched, but recently reviewed the new Sony noice interrupt headphones (WH1000XM3) and says Sony is back on top of this product category.

While noise cancellation is where the match is today, you need to wonder if Creative's Holographic Audio could be the next wow feature that consumers will demand in 2019-2020.

Does Apple have a similar feature that comes to their headphones? Will Creative be on Apple's acquisition radar? If the technology is really that "mind blowing" as C / Net described, some have to try to bring holographic sound to the market rather than later. With patents that probably support their technology, Creative can have another winning hand.

 4 XX Creative SXF1 CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT "border =" 0 "class =" asset asset-image at-xid-6a0120a5580826970c022ad3c487a1200d image full img-responsive "src =" https://www.patentlyapple.com/. a / 6a0120a5580826970c022ad3c487a1200d-800wi "style =" display: block; margin-left: auto; Tech radar wrote earlier this year from CES 2019: "Within a few years, the headphone holography is the biggest thing in the world. Audio. Dolby is working on it, Audeze has dabbled in it, and Creative ... well, Creative has already taken it to the next level. "</p>
<p>  <strong> PCWorld 1 </strong>:" Hands down, this was the best Demo of CES and it's the product I look the most looking at this year. "</p>
<p>  <strong> PCWorld 2, Gordon Ung, Executive Editor: </strong> I just completed the best demonstration of the show. It's not a curved TV, it's not 8K, it's, wait for it, Creative Lab's new Super X-Fi technology … And it just floor you … it's going to be a steal of US $ 150 </p>
<p> [19659045]  5 XX – Awards CES 2019 "border =" 0 "class =" asset asset-image at-xid-6a0120a5580826970c022ad39e711b200c picture-full img-responsive "src =" https://www.patentlyapple.com/.a / 6a0120a5580826970c022ad39e711b200c -800wi "style =" display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; "title =" 5 XX – Awards CES 2019 "/> </p>
<p style=

Finally, Creative says at a time in its marketing:" Think of the magic of holography, but of sound and of headphones. Super X-Fi Headphone Holography is real and is now. This is the sacred degree of headphone sound . "

The time will tell if it is.

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