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Can I sell GTX 780 as Mac Pro 3.1-5.1 compatible on ebay? : mac

So I'm going to upgrade my PC GPU and since I have to change every dollar twice, I checked to see if my Nvidia GTX 780 Reference model was worth selling on ebay despite its age. I noticed that the 780s announced as Mac pro upgrades (not Mac 6GB ram editions) picked up a hefty price compared to those who weren't.

I must add that the GTX 780 was well cared for by me. I rarely used it for games and locked it as 90% of the time in P8 mode at 1/3 of the normal GPU clock / 1/10 of the memory clock to save energy. Never overclocked the card even for a second. I'm really going to miss how fearless this card is, despite its blue fan design and running at 1100 RPM at idle.

I won't make wrong promises to potential Mac buyers though, since I don't have a Mac Pro to test my card. Google was not very helpful in nailing details, so I hoped that some of you might shed light on the native Mac compatibility of the regular GTX 780 and the differences of a GTX 780 flashed with a Mac Bios (I already know it's the only one way to see a startup screen without another GPU).

What about metal support? I noticed it's a big talk point in all those auctions as well. What else should I include in the auction possible Mac Pro 3.1-5.1 users need to know to bid with confidence?

Thanks for the advice!

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