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Can you film video with Polaroid Snap?

Best Answer: Polaroid Snap cannot record video. It is strictly an instant camera that lets you take pictures of the fly. However, there is a similar Polaroid product that allows you to record video: Polaroid Snap Touch.

What is Polaroid Snap?

Polaroid Snap is a 10MP instant camera that uses ZINK Zero Ink technology to print a 2-3-inch color printer directly from the camera. Available in several colors, including white, black, light blue and red, the camera has three color modes: normal, black and white and sepia sepia in vintage. With Polaroid Snap you can instantly take pictures with or without the Polaroid Classic Border logo.

No video, but …

Polaroid Snap was not designed to take video. But it comes with some unique features that make it worth considering. These features include a speed camera mode that takes six fast pictures in 1

0 seconds. There is also the option of storing up to 32 GB in images using microSD storage; disks are sold separately.

Looking for more? ZINK paper does not require ink cartridges or ribbons. Just place the paper in the machine and forget it.

About Snap Touch

Snap Touch, which came a year after the original, has the video recording feature. The 13MP camera also uses ZINK Zero Ink technology for instant photo printing. There is also a 3.5-inch LCD touch screen that you can use to view your pictures before and after the flick. Polaroid Snap Touch offers 1080p full HD video recording capability; images and video can be stored on a microSD card up to 128 GB.

As you can imagine, it costs about twice as much as the original Polaroid Snap, so consider it before you buy.

Snappy, Snap

Snappy, Snap

] Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera

A no-nonsense instant camera

If you're looking for a cheap camera, consider Polaroid Snap. Look for discounts on this easy-to-use camera.

Touchy selection

Polaroid Snap Touch 2.0 Instant Digital Camera

Take it to the next level

If you're looking for an instant camera with video features, check out the Polaroid Snap Touch. It is available in six colors, including pink, purple and green. Look for bundles that contain special papers and gifts.

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