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Can you upgrade if you use AppleCare: AppleWatch

I imagine the answer is no, since I’m sure people will just run out and smash their screens; but can you upgrade to the new model if you use AppleCare as a replacement warranty?

I have an AppleWatch 5 mobile model. It’s my first Apple Watch ever. I have owned several iPhones and have never received apple care on them. But for some reason, I decided to add Apple Care to the watch. I’m glad I did. This morning when I was about to put it on, I noticed that the underside had several cracks on it (the side with the heart monitor). I surf a lot, and pretty much expect the watch to fail in the near future since it’s going to get wet. If I did not have AppleCare, I would definitely stop using it in the ocean. But since I have it, no reason to quit.

Anyway, I inevitably have to do a factory exchange with this when it either fails or the crack gets worse. Is there any chance of upgrading to Apple Watch 6 in the process?

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