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Can you use JumpCloud MDM with Jamf (or another MDM)?

When you hear “MDM”, there are probably some things that come to mind. In general, MDM (Mobile Device Management) provides IT administrators with a way to remotely manage, configure, and secure devices, making boarding a breeze with zero touch detection and deployment.

As administrators everywhere get ready for macOS® Big Sur is releasing this fall, it’s Apple®The MDM protocol, which is at the forefront of technical evaluations because it will be necessary to send device configuration profiles and management commands to macOS devices. You may be among those wondering which MDM to implement for ongoing Mac administration in your organization.

One well known provider that offers Apple MDM is Jamf®. Jamf̵

7;s enterprise software uses Apple’s MDM protocol to manage Apple’s device portfolio, and companies today use Jamf’s software to manage iOS®, macOS and tvOS® devices. Jamf is a great option for companies that need industry standard Apple MDM. But what if your organization uses other devices such as Windows or Linux? The best option may be MDM embedded in a more comprehensive platform that you can use to manage Macs with Windows® and Linux® (plus much more functionality).

What does JumpCloud MDM do?

JumpCloud® offers MDM as a piece of its OS agnostic device management features in the platform. JumpCloud’s directory platform converges identity and access management solutions to give administrators one place to centralize control over their environment and optimize how they manage users, devices, and resources.

JumpCloud’s MDM supports MacOS laptops and computers, and provides IT teams with one-click security commands to apply for instant protection in the event of a device being lost or stolen: lock, turn off, delete and wipe.

Once you have configured JumpCloud MDM from your online administrator portal, you can:

  • Register macOS devices with MDM Enrollment Policy, which silently installs the JumpCloud MDM Enrollment profile on systems, can be used to register JumpCloud-managed Macs in bulk, making it easy to migrate to JumpCloud MDM from another vendor.
  • Track your MDM registration in the Admin Portal, and if you need it (Read more …)

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