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Canada has the most expensive wireless data of 28 countries, the study says

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According to a new study from non-profit editorial staff, The Markup, Canada’s wireless data rates are the most expensive in the world of 28 tested countries.

“In Italy, which has some of the cheapest data plans in the world, it will cost you a penny to check your Twitter feed – compared to 15 cents in Canada, which is among the world’s most expensive places to update an app,” explains The Markup.

In a chart called “What you get for your money in Canada”

;, we rank as the most expensive of 28 countries tested.

Despite being the most expensive, Canada ranks second with France and Sweden in terms of the speed required to load a website that is 2.9 MB in size in 0.9 seconds. South Korea, Norway and Australia are in a three-way draw in the first half of 0.6 seconds.

How long does it take to visit the site

In Canada, despite the recent introduction of unlimited plans, the vast majority of packages still have data cookies. Since Canada has such a large landmass, new companies are struggling to establish reliable nationwide networks, ”explains The Markup.

As a result, only three national networks exist and can charge extra for the coverage. However, some costs vary regionally. Residents of Saskatchewan, for example, get access to SaskTel’s cheaper plans because the network provider only maintains services in that province, ”the website adds.

Charts compare “How much does it cost to …”

  • To visit a website size (2.9 MB) based on the average size of a website according to the HTTP Archive, July 2020.
  • Checking Twitter size (12 MB) based on data usage after two minutes of browsing according to Canstar Blue analysis.
  • Listen to a podcast (31.1 MB) based on the average length of a podcast and the average size per minute of a podcast. Data retrieved from Pacific Content.
  • Watching an hour of Netflix (1 GB) based on maximum size for one hour of standard definition video according to digital trends.

How much does it cost to download Netflix

Of these four tests, Canada ranked the most expensive based on mobile data prices from a 2019 Cable.co.uk study.

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