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Canoe Harry Potter encoding set is now only $ 69.65 (30% off)

Every child wants to be a wizard, but if your intent to wait for a Hogwarts letter, they will wait a long time. Today, however, you can help them learn some magic on their own with an agreement on the Kano Harry Potter encoding kit which brings it to $ 69.65 on Amazon, down from a list price on $ 100.

This set helps kids build their own Harry Potter style threads and connect them to a tablet or computer (it is compatible with Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and Fire OS). From there, they will be able to encode new features for their wand using step-by-step guides and activities. The motion sensor stand is included and can be used to "make feathers fly, multiply jams, fire flow, pumpkin grow and more … wave your rod and see instant effects on the screen."

When planned, kids can earn new games, outfits and other surprises. And once they complete the main instruction, they will be able to customize the code themselves to do everything from adding music to adjusting the gravity of the game.

When we went to this set, we noticed that it is a great way to involve children in coding: "It is easy to imagine that children or even teens have an explosion that designs simple or complex movements to conjure up different effects. " We also noted that "Kano's method successfully goes over basic scripting," which means kids will actually be able to learn while having some magic fun.

[DailyAgreement:CanoeHarryPotterEncodingKit for $ 69.65. ]

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