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Can't find an app on your Mac? Pin it with system information

While the programs usually reside in the Applications folder in MacOS, they can be found everywhere. This is because some apps are very small tools that applications or services require and should not be launched by a user. Others must be in a specific folder to be accessible by Safari or other software.

If you are trying to clear out unnecessary and unwanted apps, or are engaged in a 32-bit cleaning, see our article on the need for

  Mac911 System Listing IDG

System information shows location details among other data on each app.

This tool collects all the detailed hardware and software information on your computer, including programs. It also shows where each app is located, but you need to take some extra steps to navigate to the app.

  1. Hold down the Option key and select the  menu, then select System Information .

  2. Click the link Applications in the left navigation bar under Software, and wait for the spinner in the lower right corner to complete and the list fills out.

  3. Choose any app you want to reveal or remove. (You can also select more than one to generate a list in step 4.)

  4. In the box below the list, System Information displays a number of details about the app. One of these elements is placement. Use the cursor to highlight the text from the first slash to the last one, just before the app name, and then copy it. (See example below.)

  5. In the Finder, select Go> Go to Folder and paste that path.

  6. The folder containing that app now appears in the Finder.

For example, I have a number of old Adobe apps, mainly related to updating and registering Adobe apps, which remain orphaned in different places, as the detritus washed up on a beach after a storm.

  mac911 system information go to folder IDG

Now use Go to folder to open the folder containing the app.

One of them is AAM Registration Notifier.app . In System Information, I find the location field / Applications / Tools / Adobe Application Manager / LWA / AAM Registration Notifier.app and I copy / Programs / Tools / Adobe Application Manager / LWA / in the dialog " Go to the folder "when I selected Go> Go to folder .

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