"The first person I've ever met that was hard anti-smartphone case was my boss on an old startup job," writes Maria Teresa Hart for Vox. "This," he said, squeezing his thin iPhone between his thumb and forefinger, "involved a lot of effort. People were working to get this phone as thin as possible, and now I'll hit a thick case over it?" He shook his head. "

" My boss was not a pioneer. Caseless crusaders are everywhere, and soon after our talk, I saw them all over, "writes Hart. "On The Verge despite counting potential repairs in hundreds of dollars and discussing whether caselessness is silly, Nick Statt admitted to keeping his iPhone X only: & # 39; It feels like a crime to put one case on the finest smartphone Apple's ever made. "

" "Kit Yarrow, a consumer psychologist and author of Decoding the new consumer head … sees the caseless phone as a way to set The signal of your prosperity. The message she says is "I'm over the opportunity to hurt my phone and if I do, not so much because I can stand out for a new screen." Or as a commentary said on The Verge "If I made $ 500,000 a year, I think I could allow myself a naked iPhone X," writes Hart. "It was a time when only having a smartphone was a surefire sign of disposable income, but not longer .. [This] may be why we have come to a place where it is Ruthlessly with the phone and rejecting a case is the ultimate indication of funds. "

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MacDailyNews Take: We don't see a naked iPhone as an indicator of larger funds, we just don't want to cover Jony Ive & Co. is largely impeccable industrial design (not counting the notch, which is an inelegant kludge).

Apple's carefully crafted iPhones are not meant to be hidden; naked iPhones only for us. ̵

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