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catalina – Unknown networks, is malware?

I got a Mac with Catalina 10.15.6

When I access network (Network in picture) in Finder it shows me a strange network, if I disconnect from WiFi and reconnect, it shows me another network name …

Until then, it showed me no more than one at a time.
enter image description here

Examples of network names:

  • isrg.trustid.ocsp.identrust.com
  • fzlecimhhcab
  • ltrkufb
  • gswjiugohfxkahw
  • xctjqgqhakhx
  • jjtizuktaatwpc
  • ckxyfhmtddi
  • _dns-llq._udp.identrust.com
  • vrqacxveocpcgaj
  • xzgdecneswqfi
  • zggsetbbq
  • peepwxbqlb

and other names …

I stay on the same network Wifi Internet.

What is this?

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