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CatDV Pro 13.0.12 – Media asset database and video logging product.

CatDV Pro is a clip logging and cataloging application designed to increase the productivity of video editors using an existing NLE application.

Need a way to quickly see what tapes and other media files you have, not just at the tape or file level, but down to individual scenes and images? Or a tool to take the tow out of logging, with advanced features like automatic scene detection available at an affordable price?

  • Excellent integration with Final Cut Pro and other professional editing systems.
  • Built-in sequence editing to create rough cut edits from the handy asset management tool.
  • Unlimited custom metadata attributes for commenting on clips.
  • Improved search dialog, with more conditions and logical expressions, named filters and regular expressions.
  • Several file formats for exchange, such as Final Cut Pro XML, Avid ALE, batch lists with Premiere Pro and more.
  • Image sequence support.
  • Support for reading metadata from multiple file formats, including PDF and XML.
  • Verbatim Logger command.
  • Log using time code event markers in a clip or by creating subclips.
  • Fully customizable preview settings.
  • Customizable cut details panel layout.
  • Time zone and camera adjustment to allow accurate date-based correlation of images taken with different cameras.
  • Support for standard JKL shuttle controls when playing media.
  • Use CatDV Pro as a client to access the networking features provided by CatDV Server.
  • Directories random files, not just media files.
  • With the optional CatDV MXF option, you can read metadata from MXF and XDCAM files and import Avid or P2 clips and automatically sync video and audio as an MXF meta clip.
Version 1[ads1]3.0.12:
  • Add a new multi-track audio proxy export setting that creates a separate file for each audio track for use in the web client.
  • Change the default name for extra high-resolution still images when exporting a movie to _poster.jpg (also for use in the web client).
  • When you move, rename or delete a media file, rename all the different proxies defined by media storage mappings (including movie strips, audio proxies, etc.) at the same time.
  • Add support for calculated selection lists, and select buttons with different colors.
  • Fix an issue with Move to Trash that does not work on MacOS Catalina.
  • Solve the behavior of the ‘exact clip name’ option.
  • Solve an image sequencing problem, and support fast folder sequencing image sequences.
  • Add a new “Half, do not exceed” frame size option when exporting movies that scale the image down with just two forces.
  • Add a new ‘At most one audio track’ option (for web proxies).
  • Use ImageMagick if it is installed to handle files such as EPS and SVG.
  • Add a new preference option to force all export by default to a specific output folder.
  • Solutions related to handling RED meta clips.
  • Better handling of transparent images (including function code GREYBG to create thumbnails with gray rather than black background).
  • Recognize CR3 files.
  • Switch AAF importer to support reading of large files with built-in essence.
  • Native player fixes.
  • Other repairs related to BRAW export, handling of AMA-linked clips, export of ProRes, film strip exporter, proxies for PDF files, reading of certain WAV files, using FFmpeg ‘image2’ image sequence exporter.
  • OS X 10.10 or later
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