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Bedside mode + sleep alarm = ?? : Apple watch

When I go to bed and put the Apple Watch on the charger, it goes into bedside mode and shows my alarm time. In the morning, the screen turns on slowly as it approaches the alarm time, until finally … the screen turns off. And no alarm sounds. It sounds on my phone instead, which is in a random place …

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Use for old Apple Watch? : Apple watch

I recently upgraded from an Apple Watch Series 3 to a Series 6, and I was wondering what you did with your old Apple Watch? Have you kept it in case the new one breaks? Did you give it away, trade it in, sell it? As for me, I think I should keep the Series 3 and use it as …

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20% off all Apple products through Chase! : Apple watch

From October 15 to November 15, Chase will offer 25% more value for your points when redeemed for Apple products. I just bought an S6 SS Watch ($ 750) for 60,000 points ($ 600). If you have a Chase sapphire card, you should check it out, and if you are not just traveling here and there, you should look into …

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