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Siri on Apple Watch is very slow

Every time I raise myself to instruct Siri, she always answers back. I get the message I drop you when I'm ready. Does anyone else have this problem? How do I fix it? sent by / u / watermelon-popsicle [comments] Source link

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Why can't we see texts in Apple Watch?

So we can watch lyrics in music player in the iPhone without any third party application or internet … why is it not possible for the clock? Musix match is not trustworthy for me and honest with God, it would be easier to look at your wrist and see the lines appear Maybe it's just me, but it's wasted potential …

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Upgrade S2 SS to S4 SS or wait for S5?

I love my Apple Watch and have had it non stop since March 2017. Same S2 SS in black. I was itching to update to S4, but never pulled the trigger. Now in this difficult time. It's something I use every day and would like to be more up to date. Same reason why I went from iPhone X to …

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