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Stand Goal Glitch on Series 6?

Just got a new Series 6 SS watch, and I noticed that the tripod tracking has been super glitchy. As if I’m sitting on my couch at the top of the class and I’m being credited. Has anyone else noticed that? How can I fix this? submitted by / u / shwey [comments] Source link

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Photo facial customization: applewatchfaces

I’m very surprised that Apple has not yet allowed more customization features for Photo Face. It’s great to be able to have a custom image as a background, but it lacks very different features than that. Why can I not put an analog clock on it? Or more than 2 complications? Or complications in every corner that you can with …

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Apple Watch SE or Series 5?

Hi, I’m thinking of buying an Apple Watch. SE looks very interesting, but for 50 € more I can get a series 5. What is the difference between both watches? Does SE have better sensors? Thanks in advance. submitted by / u / m_guelr [comments] Source link

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