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Apple Watch with Death Force Touch

Hi, I'm new to Apple Watch, bought one with heavy touch. (Apple Watch 2 42mm Nike +) So I'm interesting, can I still use it without it, or maybe I can put that functionality on the side buttons? submitted by / u / antoxa2584x [comments] Source link

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Purchases Apple Watch in another country

I plan to buy an AW4 in Sweden (since I am there this summer, and they offer the mobile version as well as the stainless steel) and now I wonder if it will work in my country using my e-sim? Any experiences with it? sent by / u / a_lekawa [comments] Source link

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My movement and exercise rings moved when I slept

Today, I woke up to my movement ring and claimed that I had burned 4,000 calories and my training ring said I had been working for 700 minutes. Why is my watch saying this and is there any way I can reset it? My watch was not on the wrist while I was sleeping sent by / u / ThatDarnGamer …

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[Buying] [W] 2017 42mm Pride Band [H] Paypal: AppleBandMarket

The perfect place to discuss, shop, trade or sell Official Apple Watch Bands and even 3rd party bands & Nbsp; Working in partnership with / r / AppleWatch, this subreddit is here to help create an even better Apple Watch community and help keep underreddit focused on news and such, rather than being overrun with transactions, band issues, etc. Source …

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I miss the look

Surely, you can create Watch faces with complications for different functions, activities, locations, etc. But it was so nice to be able to have different styles of wise faces and to know that a swipe up and then again would always show now Plays, for example. submitted by / u / melbigsonasthebeaver [comments] Source link

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TO Edit App Layout

Just a little thing here, but I just found out that you can change the app setup on the clock itself just by long pressing an app icon. This also allows you to delete an application if needed. Posted by / u / the-mad-guy-xd [comments] Source link

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