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Crown makes popping sound while punching.

I have 42mm series 3 and when I do some sorta boxing with it, I can hear the crown making a popping sound. Should I take it off when I exercise, at risk of damaging it? It would really suck if I had too. sent by / u / TomBob42369 [comments] Source link

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Casio-like band

Is it third party, but good bands that are like the classic Casio bands? I'm especially looking for a band like this: https://www.amazon.com/Casio-A168WA-1-Electro-Luminescence-Watch/dp/B000LAKYW8 submitted by / u / GAGARIN0461 [comments] Source link

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Live Photo face does not work

I have a series 3 and I'm trying to create a Live Photo wallpaper, but it doesn't automatically play as I've seen other Live Photo's on other watches. Can anyone help me with this? submitted by / u / LoganKuhar [comments] Source link

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Elegant band.

I am a law student and working with a lawyer part time, so it is an important part of my life every day. But I can't find a watch band that fits my needs. I have a Milanese and another metal band (and the silicone one obviously), but I'm not happy with them. Any advice on which watch band fits …

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Training goal after 30 minutes

Is there any way to change the exercise goal from something in addition to 30 minutes? I changed my draw target to 850 cal and it seems like a pretty good measure of my activity level. When it comes to the training ring, I feel I almost double it every day. sent by / u / Diaub [comments] Source link

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