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Apple Watch Series 4 Nike from Sportchek: AppleWatch

Hello, I just got the GC deal from Sportchek (20% off), but unfortunately I did not realize that Sportchek did not make the Series 4 Nike version. Any idea of ​​how long it took for them to save the series 3 Nike version after normal Series 3 came out? On another note, is the Series 4 so much of an …

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Counter Step Question: AppleWatch

My wife currently has a basic Fitbit. Her work tracks traces and activity to get a discount on health care. We have discussed getting Apple watches to each other for Christmas. The problem is this: When she usually wears her wrist, much of what she does with carrying things (files for work, handbag, water, phone, etc.) means she does not …

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Series 3 Swimming Accuracy: AppleWatch

I received a Nike Series 3 Cellular for Christmas last year. Since day 1, I've had trouble measuring swimming distances exactly. Usually it will measure 1 / 2-2 / 3 of the total distance I swim in a workout. It also began to measure general activity very poorly, but it was gradually improved. When I got an XR a few …

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Heart rate variability

So I've had the Apple Watch Series 3 for about a year. And at that time, heart rate variability is never detected. Do you need a specific app to register it? Or does it work through standard heart rate? Submitted by / u / mylifeascam [comments] Source link

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