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How to report an incorrect location in Apple Maps

No map is perfect; all are approaches. But it is annoying for business owners when a modern digital map shows the wrong address, has the wrong working hours, or even says that the business is closed when it is still open – a huge concern right now for companies that are struggling. Many, many people email Mac 911 and ask …

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Masimo claims Apple is delaying lawsuits to secure the smartwatch market

Reported by Bloomberg, Masimo has filed a lawsuit today claiming Apple is trying to delay its legal battle with the company to secure an even more dominant share of the smartwatch market. The lawsuit focuses specifically on Apple’s inclusion of blood oxygen monitoring in the Apple Watch Series 6, which Masimo claims Apple stole from it. Masimo says that Apple …

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iOS 14.2 beta code suggests no free EarPods with ‘iPhone 12’

Code strings revealed in the latest beta version of iOS 14.2 suggest that Apple does not intend to include a free set of EarPods with new “iPhone 12” purchases. Apple in Tuesday’s beta version of iOS 14.2 adapted the language in the operating system’s legal and regulatory section to omit mention of “included headphones”, suggesting that upcoming iPhone models will …

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Michael Tsai – Blog – Apple’s use of Swift and SwiftUI in iOS 14

Alexandre Colucci (Hacker News): iOS 14.0 contains much more binaries using SwiftUI. The primary reason is without a doubt WidgetKit, the first public SwiftUI-only framework. Every widget available in iOS 14 appears in this list. Another shiny new iOS 14 feature is the Translate app which seems to be built with SwiftUI. […] Excluding the Swift libraries, iOS 14.0 contains …

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