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If I wanted to create an app, what would be the best way to start? A few points: I basically have zero coding experience except for a few tutorials. I have no capital to hire anyone. are their places where people are interested in sweat capital? (I personally think the idea is worth it) Should I teach myself? Save until …

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highcharts-react-native does not work in iOS binary (.ipa)

Bounty expires in 7 days. The answers to this question are qualified for a +200 reputation bounty. Nutritioustim vil draw more attention to this question: “Build”, “Archive” (generates .ipa), and then “Run” of the .ipa file should display the Highcahrts graph, the same as a regular “Run” for a simulator. I have an app from Reactive Native. This app has …

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ios – Lag Waves Visualization Video Swift

Bounty expires in 7 days. The answers to this question are qualified for a +50 reputation bounty. Sham Dhiman is looking for one response from a reputable source. This is what I’m trying to do: The screenshot is taken from a 6s iPhone. I have been working on making video waves from and want to draw a waveform that looks …

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How to build macOS apps using only Swift Package Manager?

Fast scripts and macOS apps Swift compiler 101, you can create, build and run a Swift file using swiftc command. Think of the simplest Swift program we can all imagine in one go main.swift file: print("Hello world!") In Swift, if we want to print something, we do not even need to import the Foundation framework, we can simply compile and …

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Core data change without new version: iOSProgramming

I was working on an app update, and I added and deleted some attributes and devices to my computer model without creating a new version of it. It was my first app, and unfortunately I did not use a version control system either. I have tried deleting old sqlite file and recreating new one when the user updated the app …

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RxJava Combine Operators | raywenderlich.com

All videos. All books. A low price. A raywenderlich.com subscription is the best way to learn and master mobile development – plans start at just $ 19.99 / month! Learn the development of iOS, Swift, Android, Kotlin, Flutter and Dart and unlock our huge catalog of 50+ books and 4000+ videos. Source link

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