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How to get started building iOS apps

Building your first app for iPhone or iPad can seem daunting. The Apple ecosystem can seem very closed, and it can sometimes feel like things are changing very quickly with the recent introduction of SwiftUI, Combine and other new technologies in iOS. But no matter what app you want to build, there are basic concepts you need to know as …

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ios – CocoaLumberjack.h file not found?

Bounty expires in 7 days. The answers to this question are qualified for a +50 reputation bounty. Marcel Hofgesang is looking for one response from a reputable source: I just want to be able to start the simulator again with the solution Actually my project is compiling for an iPhone 6s, but not for any iOS simulators. When I want …

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Realm Class vs Swift Class? : iOSProgramming

I’m building an app that requires multiple local Realm tables to store and maintain data. When the app is running, this data will be changed, added and stored again in the Realm tables. The classes themselves will require several functions / methods to manipulate the data and perhaps a few calculated properties. My question is: Is it better to create …

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What should I do with the mobile app? : iOSProgramming

Hi – 3 years ago I started designing a mobile app to help bars and nightclubs attract customers. It uses the google map API and is on both iOS and Google stores. The app also has a function that allows arenas to create their own mini page to show their attractions: food, drinks, live entertainment etc. I’m not a programmer, …

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Stream AWS S3 HLS videos in iOS browsers

How can I stream HLS (.m3u8) in Safari Safari browsers? My videos are stored in AWS S3 Bucket and the only way to access video and audio .m3u8 is sending a signed URL. I use videojs to stream videos. videojs.Hls.xhr.beforeRequest does not work on iOS browsers. I also read that MSE is not supported in iOS, is there any option …

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