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lens c – NSOperationQueue setSuspended Crash iOS

Bounty expires in 7 days. Answers to this question are eligible for a 50 reputation-bounty. PoolHallJunkie will draw more attention to this question. I’m having trouble troubleshooting the latest crash. I’m able to get some feedback from Firebase, but I can not recreate the conditions. The crash happens when I press the Home button and enter the app sometimes. Here …

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Cocoapod custom library, could not load NIB Bundle

Hi guys, I have a problem in a Cocoapod library. I’m trying to create one, but failed to create with xib files. It works fine in the initial project, but has issues when I add it to the pods project file. A brief description here https://stackoverflow.com/questions/63361573/use-uiview-xib-in-cocoapods Thank you, sent by / u / sameer_syd [comments] Source link

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SOLID in real iOS apps

Alex Curran Alex’s day job is at Novoda, where he is a technical manager for Android and iOS apps. He spends his time there helping clients who … Instructor Adriana Kutenko Graphic illustrator with a bachelor’s degree in art. I am an eternal seeker of perfection with a great passion for history … Illustrator Source link

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ios – How can I avoid this SwiftUI + Combine Timer Publisher reference cycle / memory leak?

Views should be considered to describe the structure of the view and how it responds to data. They should be small structures that are easy to use. They should not have instances with their own life cycles (such as holding a publisher subscription) – they belong to the display model. class ViewModel: ObservableObject { var pub: AnyPublisher { Timer.publish(every: 2.0, …

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android – How do I send React Application context from non-responsive class?

Bounty expires in 6 days. Answers to this question are eligible for a 100 reputation-bounty. Balasubramanian is looking for one response from a reputable source: Looking to resolve this error Do I need to update status changes such as event between android and respond native class? public class MessagingService extends FirebaseMessagingService { @Override public void onMessageReceived(RemoteMessage remoteMessage) { Log.d(TAG, "Push …

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MobileVLCKit help: iOSProgramming

I’m in the process of building a personal streaming server / app for a project, and I was facing some issues due to Apple’s HLS requirement to use only fmpeg or TS files for playback. I was hoping to switch from AVKit to MobileVLCKit, but I have not been able to build the framework, and none of the examples I …

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