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Machine learning updates now available. – News

June 24, 2020 New tools in Core ML enable secure, cloud-based model distribution and model encryption, Create ML offers new templates and training features, and new APIs for Vision and Natural Language give your apps more power. You can also more easily work with third-party training libraries with updated model converters and accelerated training support on Mac. Learn more> Source …

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ios – Delete multiple cells from tableView without conflict

Bounty expires in 7 days. Answers to this question are eligible for a 50 reputation-bounty. Chris will draw more attention to this question. I have one tableView where the user can tap one button inside cell to delete it. That button is related to this delegate-function: extension WishlistViewController: DeleteWishDelegate { func deleteWish(_ idx: IndexPath){ // remove the wish from the …

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Resize the icon for a custom image in SwiftUI’s new label

Hi guys, I recently wanted to resize the icon to label after using a custom image. After not being able to find much in the new view, I had to come up with a solution on my own. I wrote my first blog post about it and wondered if anyone had any ideas for a better implementation. https://www.randomdino.com/swift-developement-blog/blog-resize-label-icon submitted by …

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Game Center updates are now available. – News

Games with Game Center features now show a beautifully redesigned in-game dashboard on iOS, tvOS and macOS. Users can see their achievements, leaderboards and Game Center profiles directly in your game as you implement the new access point. Game Center now also supports recurring leaderboards that keep rankings up to date, as well as leaderboards for daily, weekly and monthly …

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Jumping in my trash – Erica Sadun

After completing compulsory training to pronounce simctl correct (“sim control”, not cuddle or smock), I stopped by my binary folder (/bin, is also pronounced “bin”, like what you throw things in) this morning to see how I pronounce all kinds of things. I’m curious about how my statements compare to yours. Here is a list of how I say things …

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