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Intermediate iOS design patterns | raywenderlich.com

Joshua Greene Joshua Greene is the author and video director of RayWenderlich.com. He is an experienced software developer and has created … Instructor Adrian Strahan Adrian is a freelance iOS developer and project manager living in the South West of England. He worked on iPhone and iPad … Technical editor Christine Sweigart This is my test account. :] Editor Adriana …

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fast – Get UID and serial number on NFC code iOS

Bounty expires in 6 days. The answers to this question are qualified for a +50 reputation bounty. Sham Dhiman is looking for one response from a reputable source. I’m developing a program where I want to get the NFC serial number and identifier of an NFC tag. When I press a button, I want the application to find the UFC …

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ios – UIActivityViewController Hide my min-sharing extension

Sorry too late, but hope this answer will help you. First define the lines below in your code class ActionExtensionBlockerItem: NSObject, UIActivityItemSource { func activityViewController(_ activityViewController: UIActivityViewController, dataTypeIdentifierForActivityType activityType: UIActivityType?) -> String { return "com.your.unique.uti"; } func activityViewController(_ activityViewController: UIActivityViewController, itemForActivityType activityType: UIActivityType) -> Any? { // Returning an NSObject here is safest, because otherwise it is possible for the …

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Should you stay up to date on Xcode and Swift?

I’m just a device apocalypse junior developer on our iOS team who was happy to use Xcode 12 and Swift 5.3. I decided to start using them at work, but had so many problems building under Swift 5.3. Some of my addictions would not compile because they used an older version of Swift. It took hours to try to fix …

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