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Grab iPad Screenshots – Disable Shared View

Hi, is it possible to disable shared viewing for my app? It works well in split view, but only destroys the aesthetics of my screenshots (not the app). I just want it as before. I have gone into the settings and can not find anything. posted by / u / iOSSwiftDeveloper [comments] Source link

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Do Apple review apps on Sundays? : iOSProgramming

I found out that they evaluate apps during calendar days and not weekdays, and before I got my app rated on Saturdays. But should I hope that my app will be reviewed today, on Sunday? This is very important since I have a big bug that somehow slipped in the current production version. Thanks! Source link

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ios – AVExportSession exports video super slow

Bounty expires in 7 days. The answers to this question are qualified for a +100 reputation bounty. Kev Wats will draw more attention to this question: this has not received an answer 😕 I’m trying to speed up my export of the merged video. Here is the code: // from my extensive research online and on SO I have pretty …

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problems with swifter.authorize – code successful: Swifter.TokenSuccessHandler never gets access: iOSProgramming

I am calling Swifter.authorize(withCallback: URL, presentingFrom: UIViewController, success: Swifter.TokenSuccessHandler, failure: Swifter.TokenFailureHandler) from a push of a button in one UIViewControllerRepresentable. When you click the button, I’m sent to a Safari website to authorize my app. So far so good. After approving my app and getting back off Callback URL: “MyTwitterApp://“ neither the code inside Swifter.TokenSuccessHandler nor inside Swifter.TokenFailureHandler run. Even …

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