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Segmentation Error 11 Error Confusion: iOS Programming

I’ve been getting the error above for quite some time now, which is causing my build to fail. I have cleaned my derived data folders and tried some of the other things recommended on the internet, but I can not figure it out. However, I commented on one of my features, and then the error disappeared. Here is the function: …

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I was wondering why there are no apps on the App Store that tell people how much is a safe social distance: iOSProgramming

So I made one, and sent it in today. And I just received a rejection from the review team and told that it is against the guideline for a person to release an app related to the COVID-19 pandemic. https://developer.apple.com/news/?id=03142020a To be honest, I’m a little shocked because I do not provide health or medical information, under it there is …

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Marketing and Identity Guidelines – Discover

November 18, 2019 We believe that strong marketing will help to continue the success of your apps. Use App Store marks, Apple product images, and these identity policies to effectively promote the app’s availability on the App Store in all marketing communications. resources Marketing resources and Guidelines for identity Source link

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ios – RealmSwift: Implementation of one-time login with MongoDB Realm in fast

@objc func signUp() { setLoading(true); app.usernamePasswordProviderClient().registerEmail(username!, password: password!, completion: {[weak self](error) in // Completion handlers are not necessarily called on the UI thread. // This call to DispatchQueue.main.sync ensures that any changes to the UI, // namely disabling the loading indicator and navigating to the next page, // are handled on the UI thread: DispatchQueue.main.sync { self!.setLoading(false); guard error == …

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font icons in your shortcode: iOSProgramming

Ever wondered if you can include font icons or SVG icons in your iOS app and forget about large sizes? , have ever wanted to automate the headache that comes with using one of the libraries found in Github that meets these needs, I have come up with a solution and I hope you find it useful I have created …

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