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Moves the elements of the array effectively in front: iOSProgramming

So I have been searching for a better solution for moving elements in the matrix forward instead of deleting and than inserting on index 0. And this is what I have learned. After watching this https://developer.apple.com/videos/play/wwdc2018/223/ fantastic talk and some research at https://github.com/apple/swift/blob/main/test/Prototypes/ Algorithms .swift I have come up with this solution: extension MutableCollection { /// - Complexity: O(n log …

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ios – How to get “controller support” and “number of players” tags for a macOS game in the App Store

Bounty expires in 7 days. The answers to this question are qualified for a +50 reputation bounty. backslash-f looking for one response from a reputable source. Think of “The Last Campfire” (fantastic game BTW): Note “Check / supported“and”Players / 1 single“brands. Game controller capacity To get the controller brand in iOS and tvOS, I know we should add the “Game …

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Iphone App developed with KivyMD Crashing

I have made a game with KivyMD and I am currently testing it on iOS. I have tested the game on Android and it works flawlessly. The game builds successfully in XCode and once built, the game works well on an iPhone. But a few days later, it looks like something is going wrong, and the app starts crashing into …

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