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Fortune magazine autographed by Steve Jobs sells for $ 16,638

ONE Fortune magazine with a cover autographed by Steve Jobs has sold for $ 16,638. The recipient, Terry, was one of Jobs’ drivers for several years before asking Jobs to sign this magazine. Jobs had an interesting but predictable response to Terry’s request. Fortune magazine autographed by Steve Jobs sells for $ 16,638 Nate D. Sanders Auctions: Steve Jobs signed …

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WhatsApp rolls out dark mode for Mac, animated stickers, QR codes, more

WhatsApp has officially announced the latest features coming to the platform today, including animated stickers, dark mode for Mac and the web, QR codes for quickly sharing contact info, video enhancements and more. Some of the new features like animated stickers appeared earlier in a WhatsApp beta before being pulled. Now they are officially announced. The Facebook-owned WhatsApp shared all …

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MacBook Air 2013 will not charge: mac

So recently my 2013 MacBook Air stopped charging. Since it was quarantined, I used it quite a bit for 10 hours, turning it into a bad desktop PC. Then all of a sudden it just stopped charging, the Mac charger light would always be green, and when we bought a new one from Amazon, it didn’t work either. My Mac …

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What is key-based 2FA? – SecureMac

Posted July 31, 2020 Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an excellent way to improve your digital security and privacy. However, the standard 2FA has some important limitations, which is why many security experts believe that key-based 2FA is the wave of the future – especially now that Apple has made changes to make it much more accessible to iPhone and iPad …

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Essential Apple Podcast 184: SimpleLogin – Interview

Recorded July 7, 2020 Nick, Jim and Simon are joined by Son Nguyen Kim from SimpleLogin.io to talk about his service (which lets you create one-time email aliases for many purposes) and later look at some stories from the week. GIVEAWAYS & OFFERS Glenn Fleishman’s Working From Home book is completely FREE and can be downloaded here, and now he …

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MacVoices # 20172: MacVoices Live – App Store at 12; Favorite pins (2)

Mark Fuccio, David Ginsburg, Kelly Guimont, Warren Sklar, and host Chuck Joiner continue the discussion (debate?) over the Apple App Store, and run through some of their favorite apps, and why. Both current and old apps are mentioned, and remember to look beyond the credits for a withdrawal. http://traffic.libsyn.com/maclevelten/MV20172.mp3 This edition of MacVoices is supported by Linode, high performance cloud …

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